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But we did make the Headlines!

Sidharth Bedi Varma | October 15, 2017 16:56 PM

A tumultuous week for Guwahati indeed! What with the city playing host to the FIFA U-17 World Cup matches, the T-20 match, compounded with the unfortunate stone pelting incident, Guwahati proved that it is now capable of making headlines; even if not for the world class infrastructure, it certainly did for the management and the aftershocks.

However, with everything that transpired, Guwahati seems to have grown as a city, embracing both the events sportingly (pun intended).

As people, the act of issuing an apology seems to have gotten to the Aussies’ hearts and they too could not help but admire the spirit of this city! And it is only our indomitable spirit and our ‘want’ to see more international events in the city, that for once, people stood in solidarity.

For a city that is so fragmented in its approach, whether it is being delayed with the NRC or Aadhaar, the JICA project or the peaking levels unsolved crimes, this act of coming together will reflect positively on this city in the long run.

The management for the events however, still have much to learn. The city did not reverb with the energy of either of the sports. Empty seats for the FIFA matches were directly proportional to the barren campaigning done for the same. There was no welcoming feel at the airport or on the drive towards the city, except a couple of hoardings and some footballs hanging from the bridges.

The point is, the city needed to make the headlines for the right things, instead of the wrong ones and hope this week serves as a lesson.

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