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Chatribari continues to languish with civic inadequacies

Posted On :: Monday 12th June 2017
Densely populated Chatribari which houses several educational and health institutions besides residences is reeling under civic limitations that is making life a tough act to follow
Densely populated Chatribari which houses several educational and health institutions besides residences is reeling under civic limitations that is making life a tough act to follow
By: Kalyan Deb

A locality situated in the north-western part of the city, Chatribari is a hub of educational institutions. Some of the city’s reputed educational institutions such as Nichol’s English School and KC Das Commerce College are located in the area along with other health hubs like Marwari Maternity Hospital and Chatribari Christian Hospital. The area also houses the office of the District Inspector of Schools and a lower primary school. However, the area has been facing several distressing situations over the past few years that have totally hampered its peace and ambience.
The stretch of KC Choudhury Road is strewn with both commercial establishments as well as residential complexes. A connecting road to areas such as AT Road, Athgaon, Sharabhatti and several surrounding localities, the condition of the road right from its entrance beside the Himatsingka petrol pump lies devastated. However, the locals are facing an even more serious concern that supplements the road condition of the area. 
The concern
A worried resident of Chatribari threw light on an issue faced by the locals of the area which stems from haphazard parking of vehicles. A marriage hall in the area has been creating a problem situation with the groomsmen and others who arrive there to witness marriage ceremonies parking their vehicles by the roadside further narrowing down the already narrow KC Choudhury Road. 
“Despite having a parking space, the owners of the Assam Maheshwari Bhawan do not allow the vehicles of their visitors to be parked inside; rather these are required to be parked on the road itself. Moreover, there are several organisations that are in the transport business and their vehicles are also parked by the roadside for loading and unloading of goods. The activity begins from 8-8:30 pm and continues throughout the night the whole year round. Although it is understood that they have their personal building but it does not mean that one can park their vehicles on the road and create this hassle throughout the night. This activity is a continuous disturbance for residents and passers-by,” said a concerned local of the area.
“These irregularities not only create problems for the public but it is also a matter of serious concern. There is a hospital in the area and at times it becomes next to impossible for even an emergency ambulance to make it through. If there is such traffic congestion so close to a hospital, it holds a mortal threat to the people. In the meantime, there are several educational institutions and the heavy traffic also creates pollution which poses a threat to the health of the children studying in the institutions here,” another resident opined.
It was also informed that the traffic stretches all the way to AT Road on one side and up to Sharabhatti on the other side and lasts for several hours creating a hazardous situation for the locals of the area. However, the authorities are yet to wake up from their slumber.
Moreover, locals are also irked by the condition of the garbage dump located near Goshala in the area. The overfull garbage bin and garbage spilled all over the road have been a regular sight for years. Locals mentioned that the situation remains the same for most part of the day.
“Whether one visits the place at 8 am or at 9 pm the scenario remains the same. The situation gets worse whenever there is a function in the marriage hall as all the leftovers are dumped in the garbage bin and sometimes on the road itself,” a local informed. 
Hamen Lahakar, President, Brihattar Chatribari Unnayan Samiti, mentioned that the road condition is a serious concern for the locals of the area. It was mentioned that the last construction process was carried out over two decades ago and even after filing several petitions and approaching the officials no initiative has been taken for the development of the area.
“We have approached the local MLA. Interestingly, KC Choudhury Road, despite having the residence of Ramen Deka who is a BJP member of parliament, has not seen any initiative for development so far. It is the ward with the largest number of tax payers and yet the area remains under total disregard. Moreover, we have approached the deputy commissioner and the traffic department on several occasions in order to find a solution but to no avail,” Lahakar said.
Councillor’s say
On being approached by G Plus the councillor mentioned the lack of options to move the dumping station from the area. It was informed that the dumping station is shared by two wards that include Ward No 8 and is the only dumping station in Ward No 9. The dumping station is used by several residential apartments as well as commercial establishments which lead to the spill over of the garbage bin.
“There are garbage compactor trucks of GMC that visit the area twice to collect the garbage - once in the morning and once in the evening. But because it is the only dumping station in the densely populated ward there is a lot of pressure on it. Also, the infrastructure of the marriage hall was constructed over two decades ago and the truck being stationed in the area adds to the problem. We have tried to come to a solution on several occasions but due to heavy traffic in the area no concrete solution could be reached. Meanwhile, even the residents park their vehicles on the road itself which eats up even more space,” said Rajkumar Tiwari, councillor, Ward No 9.
However, the councillor mentioned that the an initiative will be taken to allot parking space during any kind of function in the open space in the premise of the office of the district inspector of schools. He also mentioned that it will require the co-operation of the visitors who can consider walking few steps when they visit the area for any function. 

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