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Mission China or Mission ‘Save Assamese Movie Industry’?

Posted On :: Saturday 9th September 2017
Zubeen Garg’s quotes here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with G Plus that was done in a car en route the airport, at the speed of 90km/h (but, that’s the inside story).
Zubeen Garg’s quotes here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with G Plus that was done in a car en route the airport, at the speed of 90km/h (but, that’s the inside story).
By: G Plus News

The following work is an examination of what went behind the making of Zubeen’s Mission China, his challenges, his hurrahs and what this means to him, the industry and the fans. Zubeen Garg’s quotes here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with G Plus that was done in a car en route the airport, at the speed of 90km/h (but, that’s the inside story).

The mandate has been given, the public is appeased and Zubeen Garg is now a God! A man that was already a phenomenon has moved on to achieve another major milestone in his illustrious career, one that was missing and was expected from any Assamese commercial movie – the delivery of a super blockbuster!
The idea of Mission China is about 4-5 years old. Speaking to G Plus, Zubeen said, “Mission China was an idea had in my head for over 4-5 years. It was just that I started working and writing about it some time back. My characters were already conceived and birthed in my mind. It’s just that I never wrote down my characters and continued to keep them in my mind.” You would be surprised to know what made him start penning down his thoughts. “It is only after my wife Garima told me to write these thoughts and ideas that I decided to pen it all down.” It turns out that even Colonel Goswami pays attention to the wife’s suggestions.
The movie has made Zubeen Garg reach out to various corners of the state, both in his physical and digital capacities. He travelled all over Assam and visited people, talked about the film and did his bit of promotion. The mere presence of Zubeen Garg in college campuses is enough to amass an entire army of fans. The superstar shared photos of his visit to Nalbari, Hajo, Tezpur, Jorhat, Goalpara among various other places. However, that is something all industry people do – talk about their movie, post some selfies, and do the cast ‘meet and greet’. But you know Zubeen went a step beyond when he was scheduled to aggressively start promoting Mission China sometime in mid-August, but because Assam was battling with floodwaters, the man changed his travel plans (or maybe nature made him do it), and he started with his flood donation campaign that racked up Rs. 4,50,000/- (approx.) for charity. This is evidence as to why the people and the industry have come out to support him; it’s because he genuinely cares.

This brings us to the question: if a man is trying so hard to change the industry, should the Government also take due cognizance? Recently, the Government took some measures to promote and encourage Assamese films and support the regional industry. So does Zubeen think this is going to work?
 “I don’t think the government can make much of a difference by unveiling sops and benefits for the industry. You tell me, have there been successful commercial movies recently? Something that boasts a genuinely good storyline, good direction and narration? No. I genuinely feel that the audience is deprived of good storytelling and movies and so no one watches it.” 
His character in the movie is Colonel Goswami and speaking of him, the character has stemmed from Zubeen’s childhood fantasy of joining the Navy. But for the lack of perfect eyesight, he had to bury his dream. The name ‘Goswami’ comes from the father of India’s most watched man on television, Arnab Goswami. Yes, Colonel Goswami has been inspired by Col (Retd.) Manoranjan Goswami.
Casting and auditions started from 2015 and Zubeen Garg has newcomers joining his team including Siddharth Nipon Goswami (son of actor Nipon Goswami) and Deeplina Deka. So we asked him about the entry of newcomers in the industry and their preferred mode of entry too – social media. He says, “It’s okay to use social media to gain some limelight and enter the industry. I always encourage youngsters to come in and do their bit.” Although we did ask if there were some newcomers that might have caught his attention, but alas, there no names were taken.

The movie has been shot in locations that have been personally handpicked by Zubeen himself and shows unseen terrain, targeting the promotion of the beautiful Northeast. Assam’s pristine beauty was reeling under flood waters and Zubeen’s philanthropic flood donation campaign was an exponential boost during his movie promotion in the state over the past few weeks. 
Zubeen personally mentioned that he is an avid sports enthusiast. His craze for playing football is boundless and went on to add that he continues to exchange WhatsApp texts with 16 year old Madhurjya Bora who is a trainee of the Manchester United Soccer Schools in England and has been partly sponsored by Zubeen Garg.

Zubeen earmarked Bombay, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata (Bengali version only) to release the film and the movie in these states have actually been booked while creating social media buzz for a few other states like Hyderabad and Tripura. 
Despite all the love he gets from everyone, artists of his stature are always in the crosshairs. Either it is for language, dress code, performance timings among various other things. So, we asked how does Zubeen deal with the ‘hate’ to which he replied, “Moi g***** karu care nokoru!” (I don’t give a damn) and well, that clarified it all.
The recent news that a censor board has been proposed for the Assamese movie industry is something that he is happy about. “Yes of course. It’s a good thing. Now we can get the movies certified here instead of having to travel to Delhi for the same”, said Zubeen.

The movie led to Zubeen having the experience of skydiving from 18,000 ft., a feat very few people have accomplished. Zubeen is also an avid reader and is a follower of Che Guevara. You’ll often spot him sporting a beret (similar to Che Guevara himself). Here’s a Zubeen hack for all the Zubeen bhakts out there. If you see him or want to strike up a conversation with him, just mention ‘Friedrich Nietzsche’ and will hi-5 you.
Zubeen 101: Want to strike up a conversation with him? Just say ‘Friedrich Nietzsche’ to him. He will laugh and hi-5 you!

Experts say on Mission China:
Munin Baruah, Director: “Khoobei bhaal hoise (It is really good!)”
Champak Barbara, Cartoonist: “Very entertaining. Will be a trendsetter and a turning point in the industry”
Sanjive Narain, Producer: “Fast paced! The young audience is going to love it!”
Devajit Saikia, Senior Additional Advocate Assam, ACA Vice President: “Unprecedented & unparalleled promo-run for the movie will create commercial success. Technically sound and refreshing cast” 
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