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Polish Band Vader to perform at Forkaal Music Festival

Posted On :: Saturday 9th September 2017
Come 23rd of September, Guwahati will witness the biggest metal act it has seen in a long time.
Come 23rd of September, Guwahati will witness the biggest metal act it has seen in a long time.
By: Nehal Jain

Come 23rd of September, Guwahati will witness the biggest metal act it has seen in a long time. Forkaal Music Festival, the first of its kind concept based music festival of Northeast India, is scheduled to be held on 23-24 September under the night sky at the Khanapara Veterinary Ground.

In 2016, 5 students from Guwahati started an event management company called LAC Group with the intention of exploring the depths of human imaginations through well-defined concept based music gigs and festivals.

After the success of their 2016 showcase ‘Through My Mind’ (which featured performances by Guwahati-based bands such as alt rockers Jupiter Island, blues outfit Street Blues and Hindi rock group Northeast Diaries), LAC Group is organizing a concept-based music festival – Forkaal.

Inspired by the word Forkaal which, in Assamese, means clear sky just after the thunder and rain, this festival is based on the thought of mixing music with philosophy, exploration and science.

The concept is unlike any other music festival; it has a mechanized story and a philosophical story to it. “Being engineering students, we thought of having an entire concept of music mixed with science,” said Bandeep Rabha, event manager of LAC Group. “Everyone faces and encounters darkness in their life and escaping and moving beyond it, the light that we want to see is Forkaal. This Festival is all about exploring darkness and exploring ourselves while going through the festival. So that’s why there is a parallel philosophical story to it describing the travel through the Black Hole and finding existence,” added Rabha.

The two-day festival is divided into two themes; The Dark Night for Day 1 and Clear Night Sky for Day 2. The acts slated to perform on day one are metal-centric–Mumbai metallers Demonic Resurrection, Bengaluru metal outfit Kryptos, Kolkata progressive metal act What Escapes Me and Guwahati’s own metal band Dark Carnage. Polish death metallers Vader are set to headline Day 1. Day 2 will witness performances by Girish and the Chronicles, Mumbai dream-pop duo LANDS (previously known as Nicholson), Mumbai/Pune post-rock group Aswekeepsearching, Shillong rockers Dossers Urge and more.

On what festival-goers can expect at the festival, Rabha says, “We will be presenting a mechanized story version of the philosophy in the festival. People can come expecting different genres of music with a trippy and beautiful environment, meet music lovers from all over the North East and other parts of India.”

The festival is all set to provide amazing musical experiences, not defined by genres. Be it metal, rock or electronic, everyone will find a piece of them in the festival.

Speaking to G Plus about the response so far, Bandeep Rabha said, “The festival has been getting tremendous response from the public. Not only from Guwahatians, we’ve also received queries about the festival and its tickets from other parts of the country.” He further said that the LAC group aims to improve the music scenario in the North East and they wish this festival is a way towards achieving that.  

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