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Why does illness come and how does it pass away?

Posted On :: Monday 12th June 2017
Three causes for illnesses happen. And then, the Nature itself provides the cure for it. What is it? Revert back to the Nature.
Three causes for illnesses happen. And then, the Nature itself provides the cure for it. What is it? Revert back to the Nature.
By: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

 S.S.R.S.: Illness is violation of natural law or imposed by nature or it is a release of past impressions or karma. There are three causes for illness. One is due to the karma of the previous lives. Karma means impressions in the consciousness. They get released through some illness. Another is you violating the laws of nature. Like you know what you should not eat and you eat that. And you know you should not overwork your system you have overworked. Our senses have got limited capacity to experience its objects. When we over do it, then we get sick. When there is an imbalance between the food intake, exercise, rest. Proper exercise, proper rest and food intake, perfect balance of this will keep the health.
Suppose you eat and you don't do the exercise for a month then tummy becomes bigger and you put on weight, and then a little problem here and there starts. Okay, you exercise lot and if you don't rest then also system is shaken. If you only rest and don't do the exercise the also the system is shaken. If you do exercise and you rest but don't eat proper and right type of food then also system is shaken. So the system is shaken by these three things, and then the fourth one is inflicted by the nature. Like a flu comes and sweeps the whole area. You are living according to the laws of Nature, but suddenly there is cold in the air and everyone catches cold. Like in Ethiopia where everybody is suffering from some yellow fever or malaria or something like that. This is inflicted by Nature.
Three causes for illnesses happen. And then, the Nature itself provides the cure for it. What is it? Revert back to the Nature. If you have cancer, it's because you have eaten things which are not supposed to be eaten. Something wrong with the food. And some conflicts in the consciousness, in the mind. So what do you do? Meditate well, let go the conflicts, do pranayams, have proper food. When it is timely detected all these things come to help. And many people get better after.
And notice one more thing that health and illness are part of the physical nature. So you should not worry too much about it. When you worry about illness, you are giving more power to the illness. So our attention should be on the health. Because you are a combination of health and illness. A little bit illness is there and there is health. So when you keep that in mind and have a positive state of mind, then illnesses, you know, they change. Because everything in the body is changing. Your body is changing and changing and changing. Every cell in your body changes in one year. Every DNA in the body changes in one year. So when change is happening there, we do not consciously encourage "Oh, I am sick, I am ill, I am ill". Rather have an attitude: okay, some illness has  come up, it will be over. So, move ahead.
And of course there are herbs and things like that. Taking all those things, proper food will all help. Just believing that consciousness has more power to heal and to cure. And it does. It does happen. Not just superficially thinking about it, but from a depth feeling it, believing it, knowing it. Consciousness has made this body can it not heal it? Will heal. That deep faith should come in one selves. That definitely makes a big difference.

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