5 year old's Kidnapping to Recovery - The Timeline - Assam Police Success Story

Saturday, 27 February 2021


5 year old's Kidnapping to Recovery - The Timeline - Assam Police Success Story

Rahul Chanda | February 10, 2018 18:19 hrs

In an interesting revelation of things, it comes to light that it might not have been as easy for the police to crack the Manvik Surana kidnapping case had the main accused, Keval Mour alias Gullu, not himself have visited the school after kidnapping the child.

Joint Commissioner of Police, Diganta Bora said, “After kidnapping the child, the main accused - Gullu - called the victim’s father as a well-wisher and visited the school to help search for the child. His suspicious body language in front of the discerning eyes of the police gave him away. He was detained and interrogated where after he confessed to the crime.” 

At 11.30 am on 5th February, Manvik Surana was having lunch during the lunch break when an unknown person visited the school and introduced himself to the principal as the driver of Manvik’s father, Vikash Surana.

He informed the Kid Veda School authorities that he had been sent by Manvik’s mother to fetch the child as the family urgently needed to visit Nagaon.

While the school authorities hesitated, the man made the headmistress talk to a woman over the phone. The woman impersonated Manvik’s mother and asked the school authorities to hand over the child to the man.

Later, at 12.30 pm, when Manvik’s mother (Sudipa Surana) went to the school to fetch Manvik, she was informed that someone had already taken away her child.
All the relatives were informed immediately by the mother and at around 1 pm the Dispur police was informed by the school authorities.  

The local police, crime branch and other special investigating agencies reached the spot and at around 2.30 pm Manvik’s father arrived. He was travelling from Nagaon to Guwahati.

While talking to the police the father narrated his story of the recent past even as the police tried gauge if he had any rivalry or faced a threat. Vikash informed that he had an accountant, Keval Mour, who had illegally transferred Rs 7 lakhs from Vikash’s account to his personal account and had been absconding. Around 30 minutes prior to his arrival at the school while he was travelling from Nagaon, he had received a call from Keval who called as a well-wisher. 

At around 3.30 pm Keval reached the school to understand the status of the inquiry.
Police thereafter questioned Keval and his body language seemed suspicious. Keval was detained and taken to Dispur police station. After a thorough interrogation, at around 7.30 pm, Keval confessed to the crime but initially refused to provide information about the whereabouts of the child. After several rounds of interrogation, at around 9.30 pm he took the police to Bhaskar Nagar where the kid was found with two other accused, Rinita Baniya (wife of Gullu) and Deepak Biswas.

Deepak was the man who had gone to the school posing as Vikash Surana’s driver and had made the school authorities talk to Rinita Baniya who impersonated Manvik Surana’s mother. All three are in police custody now. 

Kidnapping to recovery – the 5th February timeline

11.30 am – Lunch break at Kid Veda School located at Christian Basti
11.30 am – Deepak Biswas visits the school impersonating as Vikash Surana’s driver
11.45 am – Deepak Biswas and Keval Mour (waiting outside the school on a bike) takes away Manvik Surana
12.30 pm – Sunita Surana (Manvik’s mother) reaches school to collect her child as the school gets over then, but is informed that someone has already taken the child
1.00 pm – Local police and all the relatives informed 
1.15 pm – Police and other investigating agencies reach school
1.30 pm – Police finds no CCTV camera installed in the school
1.45 pm – Police finds a clue from a CCTV installed in a nearby house that two persons on a bike took the child; the visuals are not too clear though
2.00 pm – Manvik’s father (Vikash Surana), on way to Guwahati from Nagaon, receives a call from Keval Mour as a concerned well-wisher. Keval was absconding since last 6 months after siphoning off Rs 7 lakhs from Vikash Surana 
2.30 pm – Manvik’s father arrives at the school and talks to the police; informs them about his past and also the call he received from Keval Mour 30 minutes prior to his arrival
3.30 pm – Keval Mour alias Gullu reaches school as a well-wisher to help the Vikash search for his child 
3.45 pm – Police start questioning Keval and finds his body language suspicious
4.00 pm – Police take Keval to Dispur Police station for further interrogation
7.30 pm – Keval confesses to the involvement in the kidnapping but refuses to disclose the whereabouts of the child
8.30 pm – Keval takes the police to Nepali Mandir and tries to confuse the police 
9.30 pm – Keval finally takes the police to a house at Bhaskar Nagar under Fatasil Ambari police station from where Manvik was recovered along with two other accused, Deepak Biswas and Rinita Baniya

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