Guwahati Sees 20% Dip in Road Mishaps in last 5 Years, Fine Collections Increase

Wednesday, 02 December 2020


Guwahati Sees 20% Dip in Road Mishaps in last 5 Years, Fine Collections Increase

Nehal Jain | February 22, 2020 15:59 hrs

•    Road accidents in Guwahati decreased from 1,156 in 2015 to 931 in 2019.

•    5,157 road mishaps have occurred in Guwahati in the last 5 years.

•    In last 5 years, 1,361 people have died in road accidents and 3,887 have been left injured.

•    GTP has seen increase in collection of on-the-spot fines.

•    More than Rs 4.60 crores was collected as fines for traffic violations in 2019.

•    In 2014, GTP had collected Rs 3.95 crores as fines.

•    The number of cases of traffic rule violations has also been increasing in the city.

•    Speed driving, overtaking, wrong side driving and drunken driving are major reasons behind accidents.

•    GTP taking slew of measures to curb with traffic congestion and accidents.

Guwahati has been witnessing a steady decline in the number of road traffic accidents over the years. From 1,156 accidents in 2015 to 931 accidents in 2019, the gateway to the northeast has witnessed 19.5% decrease in the total number of road accidents. On the contrary, however, the on-the-spot fine collection has seen a massive increase during the same period of time.

In the year 2019, 931 number of road accidents occurred in Guwahati. Out of these accidents, 240 have been fatal and a total of 249 people died. The number of non-fatal accidents was 691 where 836 people were left injured. 

As per police sources, the main reason behind accidents in Guwahati are speed driving, overtaking, wrong side driving and drunken driving. 

In January 2019, a total of 84 accidents occurred out of which 19 were fatal and in the following month, a total of 64 accidents occurred out of which 15 were fatal. In March, a total of 91 accidents occurred out of which 27 were fatal and in April, 18 fatal accidents occurred of a total of 68 accidents. In May, 78 accidents led to 27 fatal accidents. In June, in 62 accidents, 14 turned out to be fatal and in July out of 75 accidents 18 turned out to be fatal. For the month of August out of 77 accidents, 17 were fatal. In September, out of 75 cases, 21 were fatal and in October, 18 accidents were fatal out of a total of 79. In November, 92 accident cases were registered in which 24 were fatal and in December, out of 86 cases 22 were fatal.

As per records obtained from the Guwahati police commissionerate, Guwahati witnessed 1,051 numbers of road accidents in 2018, 977 accidents in 2017, 1,042 accidents in 2016 and 1,156 accidents in 2015. 

Out of the total of 5,157 accidents that occurred in the city over the last five years (from January 2015 to December 2019), 1,270 were fatal leading to the death of 1,361 persons while 3,887 accidents were non-fatal wherein 4,258 persons were left injured.
The collection of fines for traffic violation has been on the rise in Assam, specifically in Assam. 

Guwahati Traffic Police (GTP) registered a total of 1,45,476 cases of traffic violation and collected over Rs 4.60 crores as on-the-spot fines for traffic violations in 2019, apart from fines collected for non-FIR cases that are paid at the court. 
In 2018, GTP detected 2,00,855 number of cases of traffic violation and collected over Rs 4.70 crores as fines. In 2017, the number of cases of violation stood at 1,40,536 which resulted in the collection of over Rs 4.10 crores as fines. 2016 witnessed 1,16,645 cases of traffic violation with over Rs 3.76 crores collected as fines and 2015 witnessed 1,15,604 cases of violation leading to the GTP collecting Rs 3.95 crores as on-the-spot fines. 

With the aim to curb accidents taking place in the metropolitan city, GTP has been adopting a slew of measures. It has been keeping a close watch on city buses plying in the city as they are notorious for violating traffic rules and the DTO has recently taken stringent actions against city buses for violation of rules. 

“The Guwahati Police has taken many steps to mitigate the traffic problems viz round the clock functioning of Dial 100, installation of CCTV, procurement of traffic interceptors and breath analysers, realization of huge fines, traffic awareness programs, deployment of additional traffic personnel (200 in 2018) and motorcycles,” said a traffic police official speaking to G Plus.

An innovative arrangement adopted by the GTP recently is the placement of red cones to demarcate the roads where people are likely to take u-turn. The initiative has been put in place at ABC point and below Ulubari flyover, among other points on GS Road. The initiative seems to have eased traffic congestion to a large extent. 

Adding that the city police are going to take more measures to ease traffic congestion and avoid accidents in the city, the commissioner of police Munna Prasad Gupta said, “Citizens should be motivated to drive responsibly. We have been taking measures to ensure the same and are also accepting valuable suggestions from the public to help curb the problem.”

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