Guwahati unequipped with drainage system to prevent flash flood: G Plus Poll

Guwahati unequipped with drainage system to prevent flash flood: G Plus Poll

Nehal Jain | May 11, 2019 13:51 hrs

With the onset of Monsoon, do you think Guwahati is equipped with proper drainage system to avoid flash flood?

Yes: 16%

No: 84%

Total votes: 1,700

The day-long rainfall on Saturday, May 4 in Guwahati caused by cyclone Fani caused artificial floods across the city. Commuters were stuck in prolonged traffic jams and reports of knee-high water-logging were reported from various parts of the city.

The affected areas included GS Road, Zoo Road, Chandmari, Beltola, Six Mile, Panjabari, Anil Nagar, Nabin Nagar, Ambari, Hatigaon, Bhangagarh and several others.

This once again threw light on the poor drainage system in the city, the work for which has been pending for several months now. Tackling flash floods was one of the key goals in the funds sanctioned in the smart city project. However, no progress seems to have been made on the same.

The poll conducted by G Plus had over 1,700 participants and opinions and comments started flowing in on all our social media channels. Of the total number of 1,700 participants, 84% people said that Guwahati is not equipped with proper drainage system to avoid flash flood, while 16% people said they are satisfied with the drainage system in the city.

The majority of participants (84%) are of the belief that proper drainage is the need of the hour in Guwahati. Flooding problem can be overcome if the government and the people of Guwahati both work towards it, opined residents. While some put the blame on the residents who throw plastics and other garbage in drains, others put the onus on the municipality for failing to maintain and clean the drains on regular intervals.

“The authorities seldom forget the quote, ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’" The people in the concerned department show their urgency only after the citizens have faced the consequences. Guwahati doesn't only need cleaning of the drains but they need to formulate a scientific method in order to tackle the monsoon season. Most of the roads are almost at a similar level as that of the drains as a result of which it becomes difficult for water to flow. Thus some systematic arrangements, scientific methods can work brilliantly in this scenario. Further, the common people should also be conscious not to throw garbage in the drains and block the same,” commented Bishaldeep Kakati. 

Respondents (16%) who agreed that the city is equipped with proper drainage system to avoid flash flood during the monsoons were of the belief that the situations have improved, compared to a couple of years back. 

“In Six Mile and VIP Road areas, the condition has improved drastically. Two years back, the area used to get flooded even after a quick shower but now we rarely witness flash flood,” wrote Dhananjay Paul, a resident of the area.

Come the monsoons and many roads are rendered impassable owing to blockage during downpour. Not only does this affect routine activities but it also comes with a host of diseases caused by the non-movement of water. With the onset of monsoons, it's time the authorities clean all sewer pipes, and make sure all arrangements are in place to avoid flooding on the streets of Guwahati.

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