Kamrup(M) Records 13% Dip in Automobile Sales in 2019

Wednesday, 01 April 2020


Kamrup(M) Records 13% Dip in Automobile Sales in 2019

Barasha Das | December 28, 2019 13:39 hrs

Despite the recent discussions about a general slowdown in the market and more so in the automobile sector, vehicle sales in one of the fastest-growing cities, Guwahati, tell a completely different story. Vehicle sales in the city only saw a minor decline despite the slowdown of economy that is crippling the automobile industry across the country.

Records provided by the District Transport Officer (DTO), Kamrup (M), show that sales in 2019 were only marginally low, compared to 2018.

As per the records of 2018, Guwahati witnessed sales of 98,030 vehicles, commercial and non-commercial combined. Sales till November 2019 stood at 79,528. Taking the year’s average at 6,627 per month, the year-end sale would be around 86,155 - a dip of 12% compared to the previous year.

Of the total non-transport vehicles purchased this year, 20,109 are four-wheelers and, 17,155 are two-wheelers including motorcycle and scooter (with or without sidecar) and moped. The number of transport vehicles stand at 10,223.

Of the two-wheeler vehicles, retail sales have increased by 13 percent compared to 2018. Officials of Bajaj Auto said, “Although the industry as a whole has seen a de-growth by 20 percent, retail sales in Guwahati have grown by 13 percent given the launch of their low-cost new products.”

Officials of one of the leading four-wheeler automobile brands in Guwahati states that, “An approximate 30,000 non-commercial four-wheelers have been sold till November.”  Compared to last year’s sales in Guwahati, it has dropped by 18 percent.”

Sources said that every major automobile company has seen de-growth this year. Apart from the month of September and October – the Durga Puja and Diwali season, when sales are remarkably high normally, the remaining year has seen vehicle sales decrease by marked percentage.

“Purchases of vehicles are at a low given the transition from BS-4 to BS-6 which are to be implemented by the 31st March 2020. So we are expecting sales to be low till the first quarter of 2020, but would hopefully increase after that,” said an official of a leading brand.

Sales have also decreased given the ongoing protests against CAA. Compared to December sales of the previous year the automobile retails have seen a de-growth of 30 percent as mentioned by sources (which has not yet been recorded in the above-given data of the DTO office).

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