(Modern day) motherhood is beautiful!

Tuesday, 19 January 2021


(Modern day) motherhood is beautiful!

Parlee Gogoi | May 11, 2019 14:04 hrs

Sleepless nights, eat good, stay hydrated, breastfeeding aah .. these are the common terms a new mother usually comes across in her last month of pregnancy!

In today’s world when a girl is equally at par with all chores of life, whether at home or in her profession, she hardly has time to get herself into a motherly mode like our old wives folks!  Pregnancy is taking a beautiful married life to a completely different level and gives birth to a mother who is otherwise a responsible woman. 

The moment a woman finds out she is pregnant she has to take minimum 10 seconds (or more than that!) to process the news to herself. Then she completely goes bonkers as to what’s next. Should she call her mother or her mother-in-law or her boss (husband can come to know later!) first or take a “just got to know the big good news” selfie with the best possible glow factor edit? From photo shoot to keeping herself gorgeous is what a modern woman can think about.

Now as the news floods itself she is buried with all sorts of advice both natural and supernatural. Every time she expresses her nausea or weakness, she is commented upon her still-need-to-improve food habits to too much work load comments. So far as it is sounding sarcasm, pregnancy is beautiful as it gifts the woman a much required pampered environment to a much awaited physical rest to good hair etc etc. No doubt a lot of sacrifices surprise her in all possible ways. An otherwise partyholic and the most sought after deal-closer in the market now gets looked upon as the most delicate being around not knowing how much she is willing to jump out and close a deal and party hard later. Trust me the hormones become more active when actually you are so inactive! 

Following all the rituals thereafter and much to be commented photo shoot from the best heads in town, the experienced counter parts start with the next phase of questions and their experiences.

When is the due date? Which doctor are you consulting? Which cream are you using? Which rice brand are you purchasing? Which shampoo, which nail-cutter and flawless all questions... They basically wish for an answer, only to counter the already confused lady’s answers with theirs. As if this was not enough the woman undergoes a pile of advice think-tank with the most important advice of sleeping during the pregnancy period as the (wished-to-be-happy) would-be mother won’t get to sleep later on. Guys can you connect the logic here… sleeping wholeheartedly in 2018 is the make-up hours of sleep of 2019... I mean no comments here! 

No doubt pregnancy is beautiful and finally the D-Day arrives with much anxiety and happiness as within a short span of hourly time the couple will meet the superstar little soul. The time before the surgery is the only private time between the husband and the wife where they see the vast world of happiness together.

The real show starts now! 

We can all meet the baby .. Yeah .. I mean like all the netizens and the citizens of the state can meet the baby. Forget about the rest period to a wounded (literal meaning here) mother here,  the folks think it’s their birthright to watch the baby in the hospital, hours after he comes to the world. Of course not denying the amount of love they have for the couple and the little child. But the phase requires a space period to the mother and the family to welcome the little one in their hearts in the first place and healing time to the new mother.

Before the lady knows that she can see her own baby, sideways on the hospital bed, she gets the actual shock of the world’s pain when the nurse presses the most delicate nipples with all their might only to find a minute drop of white water from them known as “breastmilk.”

“Breastmilk is the best milk for the babies.”

The next phase of turmoil is inexplicable, unpredictable where the new mother has to reject and counter every word her mother-in-law suggests (basically all no logic beliefs – some might be true) to keep her baby and herself sane and healthy.

Do not sleep - This has to be the motto of all new and old mothers once she embraces her new role for life.

 The new mom will be looked upon as if she is not able to accept her new role but the mother has to hang on, breathe, look at her child’s face and keep calm.

The moral of the note is to make people count from the beginning - the number of pain, sacrifices, emotional haemorrhage a mother has to go through. So are we all sure is it countable? No it is not. The vast world of damaging her own body to continuous hammering of unpleasant and pleasant words cover her up to raising up a life, a mother has to do it all.

So my dear friends, don’t our mothers deserve our unconditional love and care when we are able to do so? Why should we be so selfish to put our goddess mother in old aged homes so that we can become new mothers? Cheers to all children who breathe their mothers and pity for all children who think the mothers are a baggage in their modern lives.

On this Mothers’ Day let’s look at our mother as the young beautiful girl when she got the news that she was pregnant with you inside her body and celebrate it with utmost divinity.

Let’s be humble and pray for the good health of all mothers in the universe 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

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