Prospects Look Bleak for BJP in 2021 in the Aftermath of CAA: G Plus Poll

Tuesday, 02 June 2020


Prospects Look Bleak for BJP in 2021 in the Aftermath of CAA: G Plus Poll

Saumya Mishra | January 25, 2020 15:15 hrs

Will Amit Shah's Stance on CAA Affect BJP's Prospects in the 2021 Assam Elections?

Yes: 75%

No: 25%

Total votes: 1.7 K

Union home minister, Amit Shah, had recently claimed in a public rally that the government won’t step back from the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).
Speaking at the rally in Lucknow, Shah said, “I want to say it again that the government is not going back on the CAA. Those who want to protest may continue doing so.” 

Shah also hit out at the opposition parties for spreading “lies” about the legislation and mentioned that the Act has no provision of taking away anyone’s citizenship.  

“Let it be very loud and clear to our opponents that the citizenship law won't be rolled back at any cost, irrespective of the protests,” the minister said of the amended law.

It is to be mentioned that widespread protests have been taking place in various parts of Assam as well as the entire country in opposition to the CAA. 
G Plus conducted a poll on its social media channels and asked its readers if they feel that this declaration by Shah will affect BJP's prospects in the 2021 Assam elections. A total of 1,700 participants took part in the poll.
Out of this, a clear majority (75 per cent) of the participants felt that the BJP will feel people’s opposition in the 2021 Assam assembly elections which will damage its prospects of retaining power in the state in 2021 elections. 
On the other hand, 25 per cent people said that the party’s stance on CAA will not have any effect on their poll prospects. 

“Politics should be based on country’s progress, and not on religion or caste. Religion is just a belief (man-made). The reality is poverty, health, education, economic growth etc. But we Indians are educated idiots and every 5 years we prove it,” said Jewel B, a city resident.

Further, another Guwahatian, Himangshu Talukdar mentioned, “It is the duty of the local chief minister who once fought for the indigenous people of Assam to represent the local issues to the Centre!” 

Some respondents felt that the citizens have become more aware now and want the government to be accountable for their promises. In the same vein, Hazeem Angami said, “We are not moving back either, we are moving forward. It's more than just CAA now. People want better education, health, infrastructure, law enforcement, women empowerment, jobs and above all we want to get rid of RSS for good. They are the real termites of this nation.”

Pranab Deb said, “BJP is not a party who is here to just win elections; they want India's future secure. Once Atal ji said, "Sarkaare ayengi jayengi, Partyaan banengi bigregi, magar yeh desh rehna chahiye". Samajdar ko ishara e kafi hai, aur bewkoofon ko suraj ki roshni bhi kaafi nahi dekhne ke liye (Governments will come and go and so will parties. But this country should remain. Indications are enough for those who understand. For the fools, even the sunlight is enough for them to see reason). Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Vande Mataram.”

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