To Cash In On Demand, Pollution Centres Issue Certificates Without Checking Emission Levels

Tuesday, 02 June 2020


To Cash In On Demand, Pollution Centres Issue Certificates Without Checking Emission Levels

G Plus News | October 01, 2019 12:27 hrs

GUWAHATI: Flouting laid norms, majority of pollution checking centers in the city are issuing pollution free certificates to vehicles without physically checking their emission levels.

A survey done by G Plus in Guwahati, revealed that out of around 26 centers most of them are indulging in such malpractices to cash in on the demand generated after the New Motor Vehicle Act 2019 was enforced in the city.

“Previously no one cared to make PUC certificates hence centres were less in Guwahati. However, now with the new MVI Act centers are flooded with customers. We don’t have the necessary infrastructure to handle such big numbers and hence we are issuing the certificate without checking the emission levels,” a owner of a pollution checking centre at Beltola told G Plus on the condition of anonymity.

A computerised model for pollution check was developed by the Society of Indian Automobile manufacturers, wherein a gas analyser is connected to a computer, to which a camera and a printer are attached.

The gas analyser records the emission value and sends it to the computer directly, while the camera captures the license plate of the vehicle.

Subsequently, a certificate was issued if the emission values are within the prescribed limits.

The blame for not checking the emission levels not only lies with the pollution centres, citizens are also to be squarely blamed for the current state of affairs.

“Customers want their certificate early and hardly anyone has requested us for the emission check levels physically,” he added.

In 2017 the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority for the National Capital Region was directed by the Supreme Court to carry out a physical inspection of the PUC centres, “to check if credible, authentic and reliable tests are being conducted to identify gross polluters.''

But it appears that the administration in Guwahati has also turned nelson eye to these pollution checking centres.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Transport, Assam, Virendra Mittal on September 28 directed the DTO's in the State to monitor the issuing process of pollution under check (PUC) certificates.

But how much of that order has been followed on the ground by DTO’s also remains to be seen as we found out in many places the certificates are being issues overlooking all the stated rules.

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