‘Victimized’ IIT-Guwahati Professor Debarred from Taking Classes

Tuesday, 29 September 2020


‘Victimized’ IIT-Guwahati Professor Debarred from Taking Classes

G Plus News | November 23, 2019 14:46 hrs

GUWAHATI: Dr Brijesh Kumar Rai is a man who is in the eye of the storm currently. He has reportedly opened up a can of worms with regard to the functioning and management of the prestigious IIT Guwahati (IIT-G). His action has virtually turned the hallowed premises of the premier institution into a battlefield. Students have erupted in protests because of the action taken against Dr Rai by the IIT-G authorities. Dr Rai spoke exclusively to G Plus and said unequivocally that he is being targeted for unearthing the corruption within the institute.
The story is that Dr Rai, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, was suspended and is now expecting termination after he purportedly unearthed several cases of corruption in the institute that have snowballed into virtual “scams.”

“The management has given me a show cause notice and I have replied. They are also not allowing me to take classes. A final decision was taken but I have not been informed officially,” Dr Rai said talking to G Plus. He is alleging that the management is indulging in large-scale corruption thereby compromising with the future of the students.

The institute, in its inquiry report, had given evidence that three out of Dr Rai’s four charges were of “embarrassing the institute,” “misconduct unbecoming of a government officer,” and “unbecoming of a faculty of IIT,” citing IIT Guwahati Conduct Rules and CCS Conduct Rules 1964.

“I have been here for nearly 8 years. The earlier director was here for six years and enormous powers were given to him. And most of the things I had observed during his tenure as also the present the director raise several questions. The present director, after joining, has spent Rs 28 lakhs for renovation and 12 lakhs for furniture. We have asked for certain details through RTI such as why 15 people went to Japan to visit just one university. Usually one person goes when a MoU is signed. But in the RTI response they said that only nine people had gone. However, in one photograph, it clearly shows that 15 people were there. They also said that records of expenditure on the trip were not available,” Dr Rai said.

“We are raising many issues just about the building campus; there is an illegal temple inside the IIT campus. I have been always supportive of students’ issues and that is why they are supporting me,” Dr Rai added.

Talking about his next move, Dr Rai said that he is waiting for the result of the show cause notice that was served to him and only after that he will think of his future course of action.

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