AIBA to conduct three-day workshop in city

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AIBA to conduct three-day workshop in city

G Plus Feature | November 16, 2017 18:51 hrs

The International Boxing Association (AIBA) will conduct a three-day workshop in Guwahati for Indian coaches and support staff to inculcate in them elite world-level coaching techniques.

The Boxing Federation of India will organise this under the aegis of the AIBA in the run-up to the Youth Women’s World Championship, starting on November 19. It’s a joint initiative to impart training to the coaching staff to develop the rich legacy of the sport in Assam.

Over 150 kids have volunteered to participate in the live demonstrations to give the coaches and support staff first-hand experience of the techniques.

“The Youth Championship is just the beginning of a new chapter in Indian boxing. We have been working very closely with the AIBA to lay the foundation for a new India as far as the sport of boxing goes,” R.K Sacheti, executive director of BFI said.

“We not only want to show to the world our ability to host a world championship but also to make it the yardstick for our national tournaments,” he added.

“We have seen immense professionalism in our recent tournaments. With the help of the players, coaching staff, support staff and, most importantly our referees, we hope to create an environment that will encourage our boxers in all age-groups succeed at the highest levels,” the treasurer of BFI and competition manager of the tournament, Hemanta Kalita, explained.

The next step is to create a pool of coaches at the grassroots level through workshops like these and by using the country’s top referees in this mission.

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