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Monday, 20 January 2020


Assam need’s reincarnation of Sukhapa

Bishaldeep Kakati | December 02, 2017 12:34 hrs

If we very scrupulously try to study the word ‘Assam’ and move back to history to decipher its hidden meaning, then somewhere down the line ‘The Ahom Kingdom’ or the word ‘Ahom’ definitely have a strong connection to the modernized word ‘Assam’ or ‘Axom’. And that is the reason, when we confabulate about the rich dynasty rule of Assam, the one name that will probably strike our minds instantly, will definitely be the Ahom’s rule of Assam for 600 years (a record in itself), which revamped the concept of ‘Bor Assam’ during that time. However, it was that one man, popularly known as Swargadeo Saoulung Sukapha, who was the actual pioneer to establish and build the pillars of a strong state, a strong community, as he slowly, sowed the seeds of Assamese Nationalism and Culture. Thus he shines, and shines alone in the firmament of Assam History like a bright star.

Sukapha’s presence in the land of Brahmaputra Valley, in itself, was a remarkable era for all the inhabitants and tribes, residing at that place during that time. He very ably understood, that to establish a strong regime he had to put all his efforts to make the countrymen united and happy, where each tribe of people could experience same amount of respect, endearment and opportunities. He was also an intellectual ruler, who redefined the concept of strong relationship, that one kingdom should possess with the other, in order to maintain the scenery of peace and harmony from every aspect. Hence to make the Ahom dynasty more powerful and permanent, he took conciliatory measures towards the neighbouring kings, as he appointed Katakis and two chief Buragohains, which at that time, were most essential for the foundation, growth and prosperity of his newly established regime. Thus he was a magnificent ruler, who had concrete and peerless visions of successfully establishing and governing a kingdom.

Sukapha’s ideologies were in itself, a reason of his triumphant run as a king and a sublime governor. Even after conquering the Chutias, the Kacharis and the Kamta king, Sukapha allowed them to remain in power, like they were in the past, which eventually meant a good and salubrious relationship to prevail with his neighbouring kingdoms. And from there on, he united the Chutias, the Morans, the Borahis, the Nagas, the Kacharis, and hence the initial pillars of a strong kingdom or famously known as ‘Bor Assam’ was laid. Thus when people became united, the relationships improved, the sabotages and terrorism got lessened, the economy was enhanced and a good governance, finally took its shape. However, it was not always that Sukapha was kind and gentle. Like an apt ruler, he was at times even cruel, if someone dared to raise an illegal rebellion. Yet, the ruler in him, always worked for the betterment of the indigenous people of Assam, and he never ceased to show respect to their sentiments and culture. Hence Sukapha’s migration to the land of Assam, was indeed a blessing in disguise

However, of late, the entire concept of ‘Bor Assam’, that Sukapha with his supreme governance managed to create, has just somehow remained as a folklore, as its implementation in the present day world has completely gone astray,  especially after the treaty of Yandaboo of 1826. ‘Bor Assam’ got divided into 8 sister states of Northeast India, with less of unity and more of grapple. The co-relation of peace and contentment between tribes which was very much prevalent during Sukapha’s rule has vanished completely, and the indigenous people’s resentment of being treated badly, went to a higher graph. As a result of which, there now exists regular conflicts between one tribe and the other, which was the unlikely case during the Ahom rule.

In fact, speaking of the split up state of Assam, the situation worsens even to a greater degree here. The natives of the land of Assam like Boro, Kachari, Rabha have already started to dissect their roots from the state, demanding their own land. The state is also under tremendous economic crisis, and all these factors including the frequent protests, sabotages etc have incapacitated the state and its people to flourish. Over the last 30-40 years, the people of Assam have witnessed different parties coming to power to enrich and develop the state, but as gradually, the years passed, the dicey scenarios rather prevailed more, from where we can discern loads of dissatisfaction as well as hue and cry. The representatives of particular political parties elected as the head of the state, over the years, have only remain vested in their own selfish and personal desires without being mindful of the people’s needs and desires, nor they have given their full commitment to develop the state. The rational and creative thinking among governments could not be spotted out, and the cries and the hollers of the natives were heard by none. Racial discrimination crept up, and all these factors directly or indirectly broke the dream of ‘Bor Assam’, that the legendary Sukapha apprehended way back.

Hence this has made the burgess of Assam, to think and ponder, as to when they would again catch sight of another visionary personality like Sukapha. Well, in the course of time, the citizens have also realized that each and every elected representative had their own unique potentials to refurbish the state, but somehow, none till date has been able to rise up to the hopes and aspirations of the people as was expected from them. Although it’s not possible to copy every step that Sukapha took, in order to establish a robust state, but the representatives of the modern generation, can definitely draw inspiring examples, from the ideologies thatSukapha followed. But unfortunately, in the present day scenario, it seems that Sukapha’s historic rule or ways of good governance have only remained scripted in the pages of history, with very less people putting an eye to it.

However, its time the young and the old bevy of Assamese people together become united, and amalgamate as one to give rise to another 21st century Sukapha amidst them, who will not only enrich the state, but also retrieve it from the footsteps of destruction, thus enabling Assam, to repeat either its own legendary history or make it stand tall among the other states of India.

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