Indian Weavers’ Alliance Opens its First Outlet in Guwahati

Sunday, 23 February 2020


Indian Weavers’ Alliance Opens its First Outlet in Guwahati

G Plus Feature | April 04, 2018 18:38 hrs

The Indian Weavers' Alliance (IWA) has opened a one of its kind retail store that deals with fashion products made by the local artisans of Assam. Not only are these products 100% handloom and made from natural fibre, they're equally fashionable.

The retail store was inaugurated on April 1 at Roodraksh Mall, Guwahati.  The event was attended by eminent personalities of the fashion industry, including Vikram Rai Medhi, Adityam Saikia, Medha Saikia and the finalists of Mega Miss Assam 2018. Lifestyle grooming expert Meghali Das and fashion photographers Pranjal Pratim and Kunal Lakhani also graced the occasion.

The IWA describes itself as not just a company but a movement, with the aim to show to the masses that 'handloom is as fashionable as you'. Members of the IWA directly deal with the weavers, cutting chances of any middlemen and thus increasing the payroll of the actual workers. Mr Saumar J. Sharma, CEO of Indian Weavers' Alliance believes that if the economic conditions of our weavers can be improved, they are capable of doing more work.

The handloom products sold by IWA are not only fashionable, but comfortable and classy too. And, they can be bought without digging a big hole in the pockets.

As a step to help our weavers, they have built a socio-economic model where every weaver will get work at least for 240 days. Thus, guaranteeing job for the weavers and in return producing multiple varieties of fabric using all forms of natural silk and other fibres.

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