1 Constable & 3 Home Guards Arrested for Extortion
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1 Constable & 3 Home Guards Arrested for Extortion

Tafiquddin Ahmed | May 15, 2018 18:09 hrs

Guwahati: A rise in illegal activities by police personnel in Guwahati is giving sleepless nights to the citizens and outsiders. After a recent incident of extorting money from a Shillong boy there have been other reports of abuse of power by the police-homeguard-combo on duty. 

Adding to the crime chart, a police constable Jakir Hussain, along with three homeguards -- Sharif Ali, Nayan Das, and Bijit Das were arrested for extorting money from vehicles in mafia-style. Their modus operandi was extorting money in the guise of regular vehicle checking. The arrested were stationed at Borjhar Police Outpost. 

There have been numerous allegations against the Borjhar Police Outpost for unwanted harassment and extortion in the name of vehicle checking. The station official had been mum to all these allegations. 

But this time, bowing down to pressure from superiors, the station in-charge Bhaskar Kalita had to file an FIR, acting on which, Azara Police Station arrested the accused on Monday Night. The accused are in custody at the Azara Police Station. 


1 Constable & 3 Home Guards Arrested for Extortion

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