Assam police mulls launching lost-and-found property module
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Assam police mulls launching lost-and-found property module

G Plus News | September 03, 2018 14:01 hrs

GUWAHATI: As on August 31, 2018, a total of ten citizen centric services are available for the general public on the CCTNS portal.
As a way ahead, the Assam police is planning to launch Lost and Found property module for the citizens, informed a source at the CCTNS. This module will enable citizens to submit the lost and found of property items to the police.

The citizen will receive an acknowledgment in the form of SMS as well as PDF in their login account upon successful submission of request.

Further, the mobile application that has currently been launched only for online registration of complaints is also expected to incorporate other citizen services which are already available in citizen portal website.

The state is also planning to develop arms license module which will be integrated with e-District application on real time basis. The request will be submitted to District Superintendent of Police and subsequently to police stations for submission of time bound police verification report.

Assam Police is also planning to launch online digital platform for submission of time bound Accident Information report (Form-54) by police to Motor Accident Claim Tribunal court. 

The portal will enable inter-department communication for submission of various types of requisitions and reports between the stakeholders - police, transport, forensic science laboratory (FSL), court and hospitals. This will enable digital record keeping and migration to online platform to improve the efficiency and transparency.


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