Assam Police takes on WhatsApp based Viral ‘Momo Challenge’ game
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Assam Police takes on WhatsApp based Viral ‘Momo Challenge’ game

G Plus News | August 19, 2018 14:21 hrs

Bulging eyes out of their sockets, a distorted smile stretches out over a gaunt, pale face and underneath the black hair is a grotesque mixture of human and animal parts – this horrifying character is being referred to as ‘Momo’ and is a part of a disturbing viral challenge where kids are dared to message the character on popular chat application, WhatsApp.

The ‘Momo Challenge’ is a viral game that has gained major attention after a 12-year-old girl was found dead in her backyard near Buenos Aires, Argentina, after allegedly having an online conversation with ‘Momo’. Reportedly, Momo replies with violent images and threatens the player if they refuse to follow the orders that follow.

However, keeping up with the aggressive ‘The Think Campaign’, the Assam Police has launched yet another creative taking on the ‘Momo Challenge’ to sensitize the youth about WhatsApp forwards and rumours.

The Momo Challenge reportedly started on Facebook where members were "challenged" to communicate with an unknown number. It allegedly involves challenges that encourage children to engage in a series of violent acts that end with suicide.

It is to be mentioned that two such games – the Blue Whale challenge and the Legend of the Slenderman, drew attention and reported similar tragic outcomes.

While Momo Challenge cases have not been reported in Assam as of yet, this is a preventive measure taken up by the Assam Police where youth sensitization is one of the key objectives.


File Photo of the character 'Momo'

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