Exotic Tea to make its way to Guwahati Tea Auction Centre

Saturday, 31 October 2020

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Exotic Tea to make its way to Guwahati Tea Auction Centre

G Plus News | August 28, 2017 12:42 hrs

White tea, one of the most expensive varieties of tea, will finally make a date with Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) on September 6.

The White Pekoe of Donyi Polo garden of Arunachal Pradesh will be sold at sale number 36 at GTAC. The quantity offered is only 5.7kg. Only crushed-tear-curl (CTC), green, orthodox and handcrafted teas have been sold at the centre till now.


Donyi Polo garden in East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh has created ripples at

the auction centre by setting the highest price of Rs 3,101 per kg this month.


The white tea will be sold by Contemporary Brokers.


Dubbed the emperors' drink when it was discovered during the Song Dynasty's regime in China (960-1279 AD), white tea is known to be one of the most delicate tea varieties as it is minimally processed. It is harvested before a plant's leaves unfurl fully with the young buds still covered by fine white hairs, hence, the name white tea.



These buds and unfurled leaves from the newest growth on the tea plant are handpicked and then quickly and meticulously dried. The leaves are not allowed to oxidise as long as they are plucked compared to the process for green or black tea production.


This minimal processing and low oxidation result in the production of some of the most delicate and freshest tea varieties available.


"We are promoting white tea. We hope to get a good response," said Satyanjoy Hazarika, managing director (tea) of Contemporary Brokers.


Senior manager of Donyi Polo garden Manoj Kumar said he is optimistic that the white tea will get good response for its unique flavour.


"Pekoe white tea is a high-quality tea made from selected clones having silvery pubescence hairs on buds and a tiny immature leaf attached to the bud. Its liquor is very light with note of mellowness and rich in antioxidant," he said.


Secretary of the Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers' Association Dinesh Bihani said the introduction of white tea at the centre will have a positive impact which will inspire other producers to send speciality teas for auction.


(Source: Telegraph India)


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