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Friday, 26 February 2021

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Lockdown: Guwahatians Express their Love for Stray Animals, Provide Food

G Plus News | March 30, 2020 14:14 hrs

GUWAHATI: Guwahati is under a complete lockdown for 21 days since March 25 along with the rest of the country to combat the spread of COVID-19. As such, normal life has come to a halt. 

But as humans have looked themselves at homes, the street animals across the city who are completely dependent on humans for survival, are left without food. 

However, a few non-profitable organisations and other individuals have come forward for their rescue at this time of crisi
s. One such trust is The Paw Foundation Trust which has been feeding stray animals ever since the lockdown was declared.

Indira Emma, Managing Trustee of The Paw Foundation, speaking to G Plus said, “The foundation is one year old, so we are not eligible for any government funds. So, we are working on donations for now. We have received a permission from the Deputy Commissioner to feed the street animals in Kamrup Metropolitan District during the lockdown.”

Further, hundreds of volunteers have come forward to help the foundation and are being issued directives on social distancing and other preventive measures as per government guidelines. The volunteers are also issued identification passes.

The Paw Foundation currently feeds one healthy meal to the strays across the city. The process is completed before 2pm every day keeping in mind the safety of its volunteers. 

Emma informed that many people have come forward to donate for the cause. Hundreds of kilograms of rice, dal and other dog food is being donated by Guwahatians. The foundation has established cooking provisions at certain locations across the city like Fatasil Ambari. However, due to lack of cooking gas and other measures they could not establish more such centres.

“We would be very thankful if people come forward to help us with LPG cylinders, rice, dal, dry fish, dog food, soya, etc. Although many have been donating the requirement is not fulfilled.”

Apart from feeding strays across the city, the foundation also has volunteers in Mirza and Garigoan.

“One healthy and complete meal for animals is enough for their survival. We are trying to cover Guwahati completely. We are also planning to cover Jorabat and other areas near the city. Food is provided as possible but it is difficult to give water to all. So I would request the citizens to keep water in front of their homes for the animals,” added Emma.

She further mentioned, “I am very thankful to the city police who have helped us to get the permission and also helped us rescue injured dogs in these times.”

Ashish Goel of Youth for Humanity said, “We are feeding poor people in Odalbakra area.  We are also feeding street animals in Ganeshguri and Kahilipara. The DC has permitted me on this initiative.”

He mentioned that 10 to 15 individuals have come forward with contributions and that they are feeding biscuits to the dogs. “We are spending around Rs 500- 1000 daily,” he added.

It is to be mentioned that apart from the NGOs, many individuals have also been seen feeding the strays of their localities across the city. However, given the huge number of street animals across Guwahati more donations and help are being sought by the organisations working for the cause.

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