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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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Meet the Assamese CEO who broke Guinness World Record for Charity!

G Plus News | March 28, 2018 18:00 hrs

Little was known about Ranjeeta McGroarty, the Guwahatian who took internet by storm for having tasted the most expensive Cognac in the world! 

By the most expensive, we mean 40ml of the Cognac costs £10,014 (which is approximately over Rs 9.20 lakhs)!

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While the first draft of the update (read here) drew a lot of attention and strong criticism about an Assamese splurging on alcohol, little was known behind why she did this!

G Plus reached out to the CEO of Trinity Natural Gas, Ranjeeta McGroarty who shared with G Plus exclusively that the entire event was for charity. The charity was for ‘Global’s Make Some Noise’. It is an organization that supports children living with illness, disability or a lack of opportunities. 

“We (Trinity) were very honoured to be chosen to support this cause. I wanted to do everything I could to help these sick children, as so many of their treatments are not covered by the NHS (the UK’s National Health Service). I hope this donation means more children will be given the chance of life,” said Dutt McGroarty.

This throws new light on the entire event and proves that Assamese people do have the biggest hearts! It wasn’t the exorbitant show of wealth, but rather was a charity for children.

Additionally, Dutt McGroarty was selected by Rome de Bellegarde (The liquor company) to purchase their exclusive Cognac to mark the “Year of the Woman” because she is the only female founder and CEO of a major Indian energy company! 

This was the tribute CEO of Rome de Bellegarde paid tribute to Dutt McGroarty. 

The cognac the energy chief sampled was from one of the rarest and oldest blends in the world dating back to the 19th century, called “1894 – L’Eveil des Sens” and retails for £50,000 a bottle. It is believed to be the first blend created by renowned cognac house Jean Fillioux in Juillac-le-Coq, France. “It was smooth, fruity and a once in a lifetime experience,” said Dutt McGroarty.

Several media houses misappropriated the information that G Plus exclusively acquired which also drew flak against Ranjeeta.

However, this should just tip the scales because good work can drown the criticisms; in this case, with some expensive Cognac!


Photo of Ranjeeta McGroarty at the event

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