Private city bus owners continue their strike; Bus commuters in trouble
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Private city bus owners continue their strike; Bus commuters in trouble

G Plus News | March 06, 2019 11:20 hrs

GUWAHATI: Continuing their bus strike against the new guidelines issued by the District Transport Officer and Secretary, Regional Transport Authority, Kamrup, private city bus owners have continued their strike today, March 6 after the transport department seized 11 buses on March 4 for not following the recently introduced guidelines. 

Over 500 city buses were taken off the streets in the city and in regard to this, bus commuters are facing severe problems due to scarcity of buses. Buses are the primary means of transport for most people and thus, this scarcity is widely affecting the lives of commuters who rely on this mode of transportation for their day-to-day activities. 

“There were no buses today also. The commuters are facing a lot of problems because of this strike by private bus owners. In the Beltola area, a number of buses were parked on the street and not in use. I also saw two buses pass me by that had only one or two people and the door of the bus was closed as there was no handyman," said a city commuter who uses the bus to travel frequently.

"The government is so adamant about these new guidelines and the bus owners and drivers are also protesting and in this struggle, the commuters are the losers. Even today, I took an Ola to work and I can do that, but what about the people who can’t? For them, it becomes so difficult. If this strike continues, it will be really problematic,” she added.  

Even today, only a few ASTC buses were operating in the city.  


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