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Saturday, 27 February 2021

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Railway Police busts property over 5.8 crores in 2016 including Drugs and Contraband

GPlus | January 07, 2017 18:31 hrs

 The Chief Security Commissioner of the Railway Police Force while addressing the media on Saturday revealed statistics of crimes against railway property. Presenting astounding numbers the RPF Chief revealed that there were a total of 130 cases of theft of railway property. The RPF recovered stolen property worth Rs. 2,21,24,816/- (More than 2 crores and 21 lakhs) and arrested about 179 persons in this regard. The Chief also spoke about the recovery of various contrabands in trains inc
luding ganja, Phensedyl, liquor, cigarettes etc. This was busted 134 times and was valued to Rs. 3,63,52,880/- (Over 3 crores) and led to the arrest of 68 persons. RPF also recovered several explosives in large quantities on two occasions which led to the arrest of 4 persons. Several arms and ammunitions were recovered including rounds of AK 47, INSAS and 9mm pistol. 71 people were arrested in 56 cases of thefts inside trains for crimes which included pick-pocketing and luggage thefts. There were 9 cases of crimes against women and the RPF made 9 arrests. This is a 100% closure rate and is a positive data. However, one of the major concerns that the RPF has to tackle is human trafficking. The number has been on the rise and several reports of women and children being trafficked to other parts of the country have surfaced. However, the RPF detected 10 cases and rescued 60 boys and girls and arrested 19 traffickers for the year 2016.   Stay updated on the go with GPlus News. Click here to download the app for your device
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