Suresh Hinduja pins Food as the prime reason behind mankind’s evolution

Saturday, 30 May 2020

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Suresh Hinduja pins Food as the prime reason behind mankind’s evolution

G Plus News | March 22, 2018 22:24 hrs

Campus Talks, an initiative by G Plus, organised an interactive session with Suresh Hinduja, Founder - India's social network on food, drink and travel for the students of Institute of Hotel management, Guwahati. Amitav Dey, Principal, IIHM also addressed the students during the session. 

Suresh Hinduja, who is also a consulting chef and food designer/curator, is in the city for the fourth edition of Guwahati Food Awards, 2018. He was overwhelmed to see the interest that the students showed on topics of food and social media. Social media has led to a drastic change in the food interests of people. He spoke on various topics that centred on Indian cuisine, northeastern cuisines, difference between home cuisine and restaurant cuisine, hotel management as a career option, future of Indian cuisine, food blogging etc. “Geographical proximity and climate plays a very important role in determining the food habits of a region. Indian dishes have variety because one dish changes its ingredients at every 1 km. One has to understand people’s demographics, tastes and choices in this career,” said Hinduja. 

Blogging is again an altogether new phenomenon and food blogging is taking this to a completely new level. On this, Hinduja said, “As a blogger and author, my main motive should be to educate my readers and not misguide them on any topic that I write. When it comes to food write-ups, my readers rely on my feedback before visiting any restaurant. So directly or indirectly I am influencing their opinion. It can make or break the reputation of that particular eatery by what I write. So, blogging is actually a very responsible act.” Winding up the discussion, Amitav Dey said, “Every individual and his or her body have different needs when it comes to food. Our taste buds cater to different kinds of cuisine. We should hence look out for what is healthy for us and avoid food that harms our health. 

Campus Talks, which has been started by G Plus, is a very new event for the city. It primarily aims at creating an open platform for students to discuss the social issues and relevant topics that caters to their interests. This session was organised in association with Airtel and Life Insurance Corporation of India.


Suresh Hinduja attending Campus Talks at Institute of Hotel Management

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