Traffic diversion announced in city for Chhath Puja

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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Traffic diversion announced in city for Chhath Puja

G Plus Digital Desk | October 25, 2017 21:06 hrs

DCP Traffic, Amanjeet Kaur has announced diversion of traffic on 26th Oct evening and 27th Oct morning hours in view of the Chhath Puja celebration in city. The following restriction on the movement of vehicular traffic shall be effective in the city w.e.f. 1.00pm on 26.10.2017 till the departure of the devotees from puja locations in the evening. On 27.10.2017 the restriction shall start w.e.f. 1.00am and shall continue till the departure of the devotees from puja locations.


Diversion of vehicular Traffic:


1. No vehicles, except the vehicles carrying the devotees shall be allowed to ply on the stretch of MG Road between Apollo point to Cotton Collegiate School Point. 
2. All vehicles including City Buses coming from Bharalumukh side towards Panbazar and Chandmari side will be diverted at Apollo point towards HB Road via TRP Road or via AT Road. Thereafter at NB Hall Point, these vehicles shall take left turn and move via FC Road, Tayabullah Road and GNB Road.
3. All vehicles including City buses coming from Chandmari side towards Panbazar, Bharalumukh and Jalukbari shall be diverted at TC point via District Library, RBI Point, Oasis Point and thereafter take left turn at Panbazar Over Bridge North Point towards Panbazar Over Bridge South Point, and ply via AT Road towards Athgoan flyover to Bharalumukh and Jalukbari.
4. The light vehicles from TC Point side via GNB Road towards Panbazar and Fancybazar shall be diverted via SS Road, HB Road.
5. All light vehicles from Uzanbazar, Latasil side towards Bharalumukh side shall be diverted via BC Road, Tayabulllah Road and GNB Road.
6. All City Buses coming from Khanapara towards Bharalumukh, Jalukbari shall be diverted via AT Road from Panbazar ROB south point.
7. All heavy vehicles including inter district buses and red colour rural service buses operating under ASTC (except city buses and vehicles carrying devotees) coming from Jalukbari shall not be allowed to enter into the City. All these vehicles will be diverted via NH–37 at Jalukbari. 
8. Similarly, from Lokhra, Garchuk and Sixmile, entry of trucks shall be restricted on 26.10.2017. 
9. On the stretch of HB Road, from Sani Mandir to Panbazar police point, traffic shall be allowed for both ways during the puja period.


Parking of vehicles:


1. The vehicles carrying devotees from Bharalumukh side shall be allowed to park their vehicles on MG Road from Apollo Point to FA Road and MG Road crossing, TRP Road, Lakhi Goli, Chambers’ Road, MS Road and SRCB Road.
2. At Sonaram HS School ghat all vehicles shall be parked inside the field.


No Parking zone:


1. AT Road, from Bharalumukh to Panbazar Over Bridge South Point will be kept clear of parked vehicles from 7.00am of 26.10.2017. 
2. On MLN Road, ARB Road, SS Road, SRCB Road and HB Road, TRP Road parking of vehicles shall not be allowed.
3. No trucks shall be allowed to park at TRP Road, Lakhi Goli, Chambers Road, SRCB Road, Kedar Road, M.S. Road etc. from 7.00am onwards of 26.10.2017 till the departure of devotees.
4. Slow moving vehicles used by the devotees will be allowed to enter the restricted zone from Sukreswar Ghat.


  • Puja committees are requested that parking of vehicles should not be allowed near the puja locations. Parking places should be at a safe location away from the puja locations and should be specified by displaying of boards etc. so that haphazard parking can be avoided.
  • Puja committees are requested to engage adequate number of volunteers.
  • The vehicle users are requested to avoid peak hours and busy roads during the period. 
  • The vehicle users are requested to avoid MG Road and AT Road from 12.00noon on 26.10.2017.
  • All devotees coming by vehicles / carts are requested to park their vehicles / carts systematically without causing hindrance to other road users.
  • The inconvenience is sincerely and highly regretted. We cordially request all to extend cooperation to the police to provide safe and smooth traffic arrangement. Please approach and ask the on duty police officer for any assistance.
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