WhatsApp Web Search: Here's How The New Feature Works

Saturday, 26 September 2020

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WhatsApp Web Search: Here's How The New Feature Works

G Plus News | August 05, 2020 11:03 hrs

GUWAHATI: WhatsApp has added a fresh new feature to help debunk viral and fake news on its platform. The new feature helps users 'Search the web' and check authenticity of forwarded messages, according to the Facebook owned company's blog post.

WhatsApp had earlier put a limit on the number of times a person would be able to forward a message and indicated forwarded messages with two arrows above the message to know that the message has been forwarded and not wri

tten by some close person, in an earlier update.

Here's how to use the WhatsApp 'Search the web' feature:

A magnifying glass icon will start appearing next to forwarded messages

Tap on it to search for the message’s contents online

This will lead the user to news results or other kinds of information related to the message.

This will help WhatsApp users combat misinformation by verifying facts from credible links on the web.

WhatsApp Dark Mode:

In addition this, WhatsApp has also introduced the Dark Mode feature for desktop which was earlier only available on smatphones. This WhatsApp Dark Mode feature, when enabled, lets users use the desktop in low light environments without straining their eyes.

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