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Within Minutes of Inauguration, Guwahati Residents Stain Ganeshguri Flyover Red

Nibir Deka | October 22, 2020 13:00 hrs

GUWAHATI: Within minutes of inauguration of the Ganeshguri flyover in Guwahati red stains were found in the entry section of the new bridge extension from the Zoo Road side.

The stains were discovered at the same time when Assam Chief Minister (CM) Sarbananda Sonowal was at the flyover.

Locals alleged that the stai
ns were there even before the entry of CM in the flyover. 

"We want CCTV camera in the flyover as people will continue to spit," said a resident, who came to attend the inauguration. 

Meanwhile, a Traffic Police on duty responded by saying, "How will we stop them when they are running?"

A worker of Gautam Construction (builder of the flyover) expressed his disappointment upon seeing the stains. "We put in so much effort in building this flyover and on the first day we are seeing this," he told G Plus.

Meanwhile, a Home Guard on duty named Rabindra Nath has urged the public to be considerate regarding the flyover. "No matter how much the Government instructs us to scrutinise, the public has to understand that this is their property," added Nath.


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  • Ketaki Bardalai

    This is becoming a serious problem and it’s time to very strictly enforce the ban on spitting in public, by the police and health authorities through active behaviour change communication and punishment. Apart from dirtying the place , in the current COVID crisis it is an extreme health hazard and must be stopped!!! Yesterday, while we were driving on GS Road, a bus overtook us and a passengers spat from the window and while some of his sputum fell in the road, parts of it fell on our car, and there was nothing we could do !!! This is certainly unacceptable.... please use your news portal to spread the message about how hazardous this is for health of the citizens of Guwahati...

  • Manish kumar jain

    Respected, CM Sir, I just wanna say if, you need to see Assam clean, then, please don't allow to carry any such things in pocket. Such as gutkha and all atleast in buses. This is just my suggestion to you, i know you are the only person who can take a great decision for seeing Assam clean. Sir you are the proud of Assam. You have to give strict instructions to each bus driver and handiman to check the pessangers is not chewing such thing. If pessangers chewing such things then they should not be allowed in bus. After checking if passanger getting down with such a thing then both three should be punishable. you should take a fine of at least of Rs 500/- to 1000/-. Sir this is just a suggestion from my side. I have a belief that you will take my suggestion as priority. Comparing our street with other country is easy, but to keep clean it is really difficult with such all literates and illiterate people. Sir again i am requesting you to take strict action against such persons. It look like the road are being murdered by such people. All the area becomes RED. Yours MANISH KUMAR JAIN

  • Kapil

    No matter how many CCTV's are installed this is would still happen. People both literate and illiterate are doing such shameful act. The G.S road median saw the brunt of it months ago and then they had to cover it with plastic sheets. Utterly shameful. Only way is to completely and strictly ban the sale of all tobacco and it's allied products such as gutka, pan, etc if you want to maintain a beautiful city.

  • Hrishikesh Bora

    No use of CCTV until public are not consicous.