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Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Ward Talks


Ward Watch is a one of a kind Interactive forum for the citizens, ward councilors, area sabha members, NGOs and stakeholders from the GMC and GMDA, providing a platform to the citizens to make their voice heard (on developmental issues) and the ward councilors to assuage concerns and speak about the on-going and future developmental projects.




In its continued initiative to provide a platform for the citizens of Guwahati to express their problems and a medium to connect them with the administration, G Plus, in order to initiate tangible improvements in the city starting with the micro-level of the wards – the media house had been mulling with a concept whereby the people of a particular ward and the representatives of the Ward Unnayan Samitee could be brought together to a common platform along with the authorities from various government departments like GMC, GMDA, Police, etc. for interaction. G Plus thus floated the concept of ‘Ward Talks’ and conducts such activities month after month.





  1. Achieving participation from the grass-root level. Promoting active citizenship.

  2. Promoting the idea of Active Citizenship in public life which is a vital element in addressing local problems.

  3. Establish a closer connection between the citizens and those they elected.

  4. Responsible and answerable Government bodies.




  • To make Guwahati a better city to live in.




  • To build a cohesive community, where we assist the needy to get their voice heard, Bond with the people and connect the community to the Government.


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