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Three Guys Restaurants' Native Food Ordering App

G Plus Feature | October 24, 2017 14:32 hrs

For a city like Guwahati, it is often that aggregators like Zomato and PicknDel are the ones reaching out to Guwahatians with their app listing most of the restaurants in the city. Ordering food certainly has become much more convenient with app based food delivery services and rightly so. It can be a real pain to call a restaurant and order a meal. You might be put on hold or there is chaos in the background and yes, reading your credit card number in the 21st century is incredibly tedious.


 Why do we even have to interact with people when all we want is a pepperoni pizza and a litre of cola? This gets harder when you want to order Indian, Chinese or Continental for that matter.


However, leaving aggregator associations behind, Guwahati based Three Guys Restaurant has launched their food delivery app that caters to their entire menu and that includes their combo meals. This makes them the first local restaurant in Guwahati to launch a mobile app and they believe that their food quality and patrons can change the (food based) e-commerce scenario of the city.



The ‘Three Guys Restaurant’ app is available both on iOS and Android. Of course, what it does best is instead of listing 100s of restaurants cluttered with advertisements; it lists one particular restaurant and does not confuse the already confused eater. More than half the time, you debate what you would eat for lunch. Now this streamlined menu makes things easier.



Of course, you also get exclusive in-app discounts, forgo a delivery fee and can order with just a few clicks. The app is pretty nifty, smooth and comes with a clean UI. The food menu is divided into categories like Quick Bites, from the Clay Over, Oriental, Indian & combos, Desserts, Rice Bowls, Thalis and Combos. For all those who get really confused ordering food, the combos and thalis are a must try. Apart from delivery service, the app also lets you book a table in case you’re in the mood to dine at their restaurant.



What makes this exclusive is that they have a reward points system which you can earn in multiple ways. Each order you place, can earn you 9 points, each referred sign up can fetch you 10 instant brownie points and their first order can fetch you 20 more brownie points. The app also allows you to avail great discounts and offers and save items to your wishlist. You can also save delivery locations, such as work or home to speed up the process. And although there is no fee to use the app, there is a minimum delivery requirement of Rs 300.


The app is available here:



iOS :


Special: Use code MYFIRST and avail 15% discount on the first order + additional cash back


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