What makes Barbeque Nation the Restaurant of the Year?

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What makes Barbeque Nation the Restaurant of the Year?

G Plus Feature | January 02, 2018 16:30 hrs

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Indian restaurant chain Barbeque Nation opened its first outlet in Guwahati in 2014. Soon after its inauguration, the restaurant, which is not only known for its live grill and unending buffet, but also for creating a lively experience with interesting surprises, has managed to grab the attention of the foodies in Guwahati and continues to dominate the scene. With an array of unlimited starters, a huge buffet including soup, salads and lip-smacking desserts, it has remained an instant favourite among the food aficionados of the city.

The entire cuisine served in Barbeque Nation is a happy blend of American, Mediterranean, Oriental and Indian and is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices, accompanied with a variety of alcoholic as well as non alcoholic beverages.

Barbeque Nation is most known for its live on-the-table grill and the variety of innovative food festivals they organise.


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The Guwahati outlet of Barbeque Nation was voted ‘Restaurant of the Year’ at the Guwahati Food Awards 2017 out of 100 food joints fighting for the coveted title.

As the 4th edition of Guwahati Food Awards draws near, we stepped into Barbeque Nation for lunch on Friday only to be overwhelmed by the crowd. Packed to the brim, it is clear that the restaurant dominates lunch hours, right from office goers, to families and large groups of friends.

Speaking to G Plus, the Business Manager of Barbeque Nation, Raj Mohan Singh said, “We receive an average footfall of around 200-250 guests every day. It is exciting to have such an amazing ambience every day.”

They have guests trickle in for dinner at around 6:30PM and by 8PM you would be hard pressed to find a seat.  Similarly, if you visit after 1:30PM for lunch, it’s highly plausible that you’ll have to wait for your seat. Prior reservations are advisable.



So after 4 years of existence, what makes Barbeque Nation tick? What is the secret?


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The restaurant, over the past four years, has hosted more than a dozen food festivals ranging from Sea Food to African and European cuisine.  They believe that one of the key reasons is the fact that they have an exciting twist to their menu regularly with festivals and bring to Guwahati what it longs to experience.

“We keep hosting food festivals like the Sea food festival and Hakuna Matata, etc where we keep changing our menu to incorporate new variant of dishes. The response that we’ve been getting from our guests regarding these festivals has been very positive. Apart from that, even the live counter has been receiving amazing feedback and we wish to continue with it”, says Chef Kanchan Kumar Das of Barbeque Nation.

One can grill their own starters in a choice of flavours the restaurant provides with the marinades and sauces to enjoy them right off the grill!

Barbeque Nation has a tradition of celebrating all special occasions with their patrons. Every time you visit Barbeque Nation, you’ll be asked if there’s a special occasion like Birthday, Anniversary or even Promotion, and if you say yes, you’ll be greeted with a personalised song, dance and complimentary cake! Barbeque Nation is one of the few places in Guwahati that offers such a warm experience, it has become a favourite option for dining out for special occasions!

A one of its kind restaurant, Barbeque Nation captures the hearts and palates of the local diner with its brisk service, tasty food and unique concept. The smoky flavour in the air entices your senses and gets better with the warm behaviour of the staff members - serving you food till you can eat no more. 

Barbeque Nation, Ulubari
Casual Dining Restaurant
Average cost for two: Rs. 1500

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