Retro Town

Saturday, 06 March 2021



Retro Town


  • Value 4.0
  • Service 4.2
  • Food 4.0
  • Atmosphere 4.0
  • 4.05/5

“Retro Town - the place that will take you back to the 70's and 80's”

Kashmiri Barkakati Nath | September 27, 2017 13:14 hrs

Address: Retro Town, Khanapara 

Meal for 2: Rs 1,000 Plus taxes


Drive down GS Road and opposite the Agriculture office at Khanapara, above the Jaguar Showroom, on the top floor is Retro Town. The sign is bold and at night it’s hard not to notice the signboard. Take the elevator up to the fourth floor, past the heavy door, enter a space that will transport you to a space that has juxtaposed the past with modern. An old typewriter machine, bric-a-brac  from 60’s and 70’s including a bright yellow Vespa bang in the middle, complete with a pool table, Retro Town has created an ambience that transports one back into an era of music and carefree life. The walls have newspaper prints, the water gets served in aluminium mugs and the menu is newsprint - Retro Times, with Oxomiya headings too! How cool is that!

Speaking to the young owner of Retro town, Siddharth, as he walked me to the outside sitting with an overview of busy GS Road and beyond, it was easy to see his passion and ideas. Spanking new Retro Town is just a month old; one can almost smell the paint still. It is designed as a pub with music and dance floor area, not a restaurant per se. The menu is designed in the same line, finger food, easy meal platters, pizzas and burgers catering to the popular taste in town. The license for the drinks is yet to come, so far they have to serve non-alcoholic drinks only.

We started with Devilled Eggs, as suggested by Siddharth, Thread Chicken (I was curious) and Garlic Mushroom. I was expecting the eggs to be ensconced in mince meat but when it arrived it was basically egg halves fried tastily in a light batter with Mayo. The Thread Chicken came, chicken slices batter fried coated in crisp noodles. A great dish, non-greasy, crisp and well seasoned, it came with Chilli Mayo. The Garlic Mushroom is a stir fry of button mushrooms with oriental sauces. Food comes in aluminium plates and is a total departure from the regular plates that one expects - a bit of fun is infusing in the usual!


We followed this with a Vegetable Lasagne and Chicken Cheesy Steak which came with perfectly done cheese toasts. Portions were generous. The Chicken Cheesy Steak was delicious. The chicken was a tad well-done but overall was a greatly satisfying dish, with sautéed vegetables on the side. There was a generous quantity of cheese sauce to mop up with the toasts - perfectly balanced flavour and a wonderfully executed dish. The Vegetable Lasagne was creamy, saucy with cheese bubbling, the sauce faultless and the béchamel sauce complemented the lasagne pasta well. It had a taste similar to Vegetable Au-Gratin but the Lasagne was unmistakable.

The ambiance and the interior outshine the food at Retro Town. Siddharth has many plans with the menu and with events down the pipeline. Meal for two would be Rs. 1,000 plus taxes without alcohol. Worth visiting this place if you are a fan of the 70’s and looking for an out-of-the-box dining experience. Step into a cool space redolent with cool vibes.

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