A diamond forever


A diamond forever

Swapnil Bharali | July 21, 2018 18:26 hrs

The last occasion when Assamese hearts swelled with pride was when singer Debojeet Saha, of Silchar, buoyed by the huge SMS support and the good wishes of AASU, won a singing reality show on ZEE TV. What we had then reckoned as a momentous achievement by an Assamese on the national scene has somewhat faded, and rather quickly. What was supposed to be a magnificent platform for a career launch was perhaps not used appropriately by Saha so much so that today, he is nothing but a faint memory and his singing prowess not even part of the cultural folklore of Assam.


And today, how monumentally different is Hima Das’s achievement! No SMSes, no public support, no nothing! Just her single-minded endeavour is what catapulted her to international glory. And so, in tandem with all the paeans being sung in her name and discussions going on over various social media, and having observed all available videos on her including the National Anthem being played while her tears shed on the podium, what we have today in Hima is a precious diamond, who, at her young age, has shown an exemplary level head and solid leadership qualities. Hima is that uncut diamond that needs to be polished further so that she shines brightly on the world stage for years to come.


Well, this will not happen with perfunctory positions like Sports Brand Ambassador et al. Nor will it come with product endorsement offers and public “xombordhonas.” Hima needs to be made comfortable in her own space of high-quality training, correct diet and the required hours of rest. She needs to be treated as specially as a proper world champion should be. And above all, she should not be hounded by our local media for that ever precious byte that would bolster TRPs.


Her obvious target is an Olympic gold and the earliest she can achieve that is 2020. For someone who has achieved what she has within the first 18 months of her career, this is ample time for preparation. The Asian Games in August may be treated as a huge match practice – a stepping stone for Olympic glory. And the powers-that-be need to do everything to ensure that this diamond of ours shines forever.

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