A Different Struggle for Food


A Different Struggle for Food

Nehal Jain | January 30, 2021 18:04 hrs

The G Plus office was chaotic today. Well, most of us get our lunch delivered from food delivery app – Zomato / Swiggy. But what do you do when it’s almost lunch time and you realize that delivery executives have gone on a strike so you might not get to eat whatever it is that your taste buds are tempting? Such was the anxiety we were going through.  

The Swiggy delivery executives staged a protest in front of its Guwahati office on Thursday and went on a strike. 

Consequently, the “aam aadmi” who, thanks to digitization, has become dependent on delivery apps, faced the brunt. 

The only two food delivery options available for Guwahatians are Swiggy and Zomato. And when one doesn’t work, the other starts to surge price its services making the struggle for food all the more difficult. 

But it also makes you wonder, have we become too dependent on such technological advancements? 

Before the introduction of delivery services, we were comfortable eating the traditional way – a good old home cooked meal packed in a tiffin or a visit to the nearby eatery. But now the first preference has changed. 

We explore tens of restaurants in the city, browse through their extensive menus to finally order what we already had in mind. 

The transition from traditional to digital didn’t happen overnight but it was a smooth one, with COVID-19 pandemic and the new norm of social distancing escalating the process. 

There’s no two ways that technology has enriched our lives and made it easier but maybe it’s time we take a step back and re-evaluate our reliance on technology. After all, at the end of it, it is driven by humans who, with all the strengths or failings, make these technologies a success or failure by themselves.

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