A Gold for us khar khuas 

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A Gold for us khar khuas 

Sidharth Bedi Varma | July 21, 2018 18:34 hrs

Hima Das, the name now every Indian should be proud of. This homegrown athlete has now taken Assam to the world, with a gold medal finally in the bag at an international track event. The sun seems to be shining on Hima Das. Or are we celebrating too early?


This has taken India a long time despite several possible cases making headlines in the past. What is more worrisome is that Hima’s story, like most Indian athletes, is filled with hardships and challenges to acquire basic services for a holistic training.
Clearly, athletes here lack a basic support system, both in terms of coaching and with training infrastructure.


Athletes like Hima should not be subject to fighting for their daily needs where they are trying to make ends meet. In fact, their potential and talent should be nurtured so that all of their attention and energies are focused on getting the next medal, and the one after that. Unless that support infrastructure is put in place, we cannot produce a Hima at every world event. 


This of course still ignores the fact that the sporting federations in the country are riddled with politics, favoritism and lack/siphoning of funds.


Two things should be the takeaway from Hima’s victory; one, it is time to clean and rev up the infrastructure at the earliest if India aims to win more medals. Two, when are the government’s grassroots programs actually going to yield results? Is there any program currently underway and are there any talents being scouted? Are the private players in this sector doing enough? Somebody needs to find answers to these questions…

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