Animal Sacrifice And Rituals

Wednesday, 20 January 2021



Animal Sacrifice And Rituals

Raul Mathews | October 12, 2019 12:39 hrs

The Durga Puja festivity is over. The festival which heralds the start of autumn season gets most of us in a jovial mood. But in the midst of puja revelry, sacrifice of tens of thousands of innocent animals in the name of puja ritual is something which can’t be digested if we call ourselves a civilised society. 

If life cannot be given, then no one has the authority to sniff out life. Time and again the animal sacrifice done during various festivals of many religions has been questioned but sadly we educated lot are mute spectators to such pogrom which is done with impunity. Many would argue that even in day to day life thousands of animals are slaughtered for consumption, then why raise this question. 

The manner in which in a moment’s notice thousands of animals being slaughtered in various places during the festival time will pain a person who loves life. Secondly, no festivity which calls for celebration of life preaches you to take life of an innocent soul, that too, in public glare. The kind of inhuman torture being meted out to these animals when they are readied for sacrifice will melt the heart of any right-thinking individual. 

The debate will go on and we will live another day to fight over right and wrong of the sacrifice ritual. If somebody has to bell the cat, it has to be the educated lot who can’t pretend to be under the disguise that IGNORANCE IS PLAIN BLISS. At least when it comes to mass animal sacrifice during any festival of any religion, we must ask that question. 

The Tripura High Court recently banned sacrifice of animals or birds for religious reasons in all temples of the state. The court said that no person including the State shall be allowed to sacrifice any animal/bird within the precincts of any of the temples within the State of Tripura. After the order, many political parties revolted against the order and some are even mulling to move the Supreme Court. But the question which needs to be brainstormed is why do we need courts for such a decision, why can’t we stop thinking of wooing the almighty by sacrificing the innocent creatures?

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