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Avengers Assemble!

Sidharth Bedi Varma | April 27, 2019 11:24 hrs

Fanboy 1: So the heated election week is gone from Assam! I’m kinda sad.

Fanboy 2: Yeah, you kept pretty active during that period. With the election fever now over, I was thinking about watching Avengers: Endgame. You want to join?

Fanboy 1: Well, good luck. I already watched it!

Fanboy 2: What the hell? How?

Fanboy 1: Well, you know that the elections just got over. I know of a minister who said, “Avengers Assemble” on his Facebook profile and voila, all his Avengers assembled.

Fanboy 2: Oh, those guys? The Avengers spelt with a “B”?

Fanboy 1: Yeah, the seasonal Avengers. These guys appear once every few years – their sightings have increased in recent times of course. Do you know their super power? Trash talk bro!!  Thanos snaps and these guys yap!

Fanboy 2: Haha! Well, either way, their leader is quite the “ring master.”

Fanboy 1:  Do you say that because the leader wears a lot of rings or has a fetish for stones like Thanos? Or is it because he has everyone dancing to his instructions?

Fanboy 2: It doesn’t really matter. The “Avengers Assemble” initiative for Assam is clearly over. The Avengers had assembled in thousands, swarmed the internet, and “avenged” whoever was speaking blasphemy of the great leader, behind a screen of course! 

Fanboy 1:  And for these Avengers, if you don’t celebrate “The Black Order,” you’re a bad citizen, an anti-National, an outsider! 

Fanboy 2:  So now that the Avengers are no longer needed, and the “Endgame” has happened, what now?

Fanboy 1:  Well, I guess they go back to their unentertaining lives without drama, fandom and… 

Fanboy 2: Hold on! I wouldn’t speak so quickly. You know that they always mess with you in the post-credits scene. I guess I’ll wait for that till the 23rd and who knows, what other snaps lie along the way!

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