Battle Now, Bicker Later


Battle Now, Bicker Later

Swapnil Bharali | July 25, 2020 20:03 hrs

Let’s take a look at some words that have become rather commonplace in today’s contextual parlance: Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance drivers, Health workers, Sweepers, Cleaners, Swab collectors, PPE kits, Isolation centres, Quarantine centres, Oximeter, Testing, Health officials, Virologists, Positive, active and cured cases and finally the health minister at the helm.

Now let’s attach some figures to some of these to understand their current status. Doctors (700), Isolation and quarantine centres (30 in Guwahati alone), Beds (15,000 in Guwahati), Testing (7,39,465 in all of Assam), Virologists (no idea how many), Positive, active and cured cases (31,086, 7,951 currently, and 23,055 respectively), Projection (67,000 peaking in mid-September), Health workers and Officials (no idea truly) and finally the health minister (1). 

What we have is an extremely well-oiled health machinery in the state that is fighting an unseen enemy that has thrown up a death percentage of 0.2% - perhaps the lowest in the country. The sheer magnitude of the battle that has been long and tiresome since April last is clear and yet the machinery cannot afford to be worn down yet. 

And yet - a large section of Guwahatians are clearly apathetic to the huge danger lurking around every corner; they just don’t seem to see reason enough to exercise caution. Despite the repeated bombardments on various media about observing basic safety protocol, this section of ‘COVIDIOTs’ has shown only apathy much to the frustration of the saner section. In such a situation, the prolonged, tireless upkeep of motivation levels of the above-mentioned frontline warriors led by the health minister is truly admirable. To just be operating a health machinery of such complexity with so many vertical cogs is no mean feat in itself. To keep up the motivation levels of each such vertical and each individual therein over such a prolonged period with no end of the battle in sight yet, and with a death rate among the lowest in the country, is mind-boggling to say the least.

In this context, it is but natural that some oversight, misses are bound to occur when the burden is so heavy and these warriors so sleep and rest deprived. Capitalizing on such lapses, criticizing them to the point of triggering a demoralizing effect on the state’s health machinery, at this point, is clearly unwarranted.

Winning this monumental, unprecedented battle is the top priority, the bickering can come later!

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