Benefits of transportation Facilities provided(or that can be provided) by offices in the city

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Benefits of transportation facilities provided by offices in the city

Dhiman Kakati | January 20, 2018 17:23 hrs

Just a couple of days back, I happened to come across a rather refreshing and reassuring newsreport in The Assam Tribune . According to the report, the government will be providing a specified number of Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) buses for the woman staff of the Janata Bhawan. It is heartening to see that the Government is taking an initiative which will drastically reduce the discomfort and inconvenience faced by the general public- in the process, leading to the smooth functioning of the State Machinery; this time in the form of Transportation Facilities.

I would frequently ask my Mother- who is a State Government employee herself- on the scope and possibility of providing  transportation facilities to the office staff, and reminding her of the benefits of doing so( on which she readily agreed). Refineries provide staff buses and so do various other industries bordering the city limits; along with schools and colleges. There are a number of developed cities which provide state and privately owned transportation facilities for their office staff- that make the required number of trips at predetermined hours of the day for everyone’s convenience. In conjunction with the method of carpooling, staff buses also reduce the amount of traffic which chokes the major roads linking different points of the city. In addition, pollution levels are also kept under check. Increased use of private vehicles, coupled with a lack of parking spaces and disregard for traffic rules, have led to an unpleasant situation- a situation where office-goers face extreme inconvenience in reaching their workplace or any other location on time.

Few days back I read about three IIT (BHU) graduates in Business Today’s website who came up with “MoveInSync” , a carpool service company which aimed at providing car sharing options to customers , making it more convenient and economical. After meeting up with a senior Amazon official who wanted to transport the 2000 plus workforce to office and back him daily, the start up expanded its base and reach to accommodate the necessary requirements. According to recent statistics stated by Business Today, ‘MoveInSync’’s platform has over 75,000 employees ranging from15 to 20 organisations in 10 cities - with their headquarters in Bengaluru. They have not yet established a branch in Guwahati.

Concerned citizens have always advocated the use of such facilities and methods to decrease traffic issues and pollution rise. Such facilities will definitely go a long way in curbing this menace, and driving on the roads of Guwahati will no longer be a drag. Here’s hoping that the Government continues the implementation of such initiatives- maybe expanding this scheme for male employees as well- so as to improve the overall scenario in Guwahati- making it an modern city in the true sense of the term.

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