Biscuit Blunder

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Biscuit Blunder

Swapnil Bharali | March 14, 2018 17:33 hrs

. Probably PiDogs demand attention, more so pet dogs. Pidi is no different. And I cannot at all blame him for choosing the wrong moment to seek his master Rahul Gandhi’s affectiondi was hungry and despite his brilliant job at tweeting from his master’s handle (by Rahul’s own lamentable and mirthless admission), he failed to see a nemesis sitting right there who was not quite in the mood to be as playful or affectionate. After all, the nemesis called Himanta Biswa Sarma had pressing issues to discuss and Pidi’s demands were not allowing him to.

Rahul’s overt fondness for Pidi seems to have had devastating consequences for the Congress party’s political fortunes in Assam and the rest of the north-eastern states. Given the recent poll results in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura with which the BJP has completed its stranglehold over the region, it needs no great imagination to realize the part played by Himanta in this success. If you recall the highly stung Himanta narrating the biscuit incident over local media in his chaste Asomiya drawl, the insult dished out by Rahul Gandhi is never missed despite the humour contained in the anecdote.

All differences with Tarun Gogoi apart, the Congress party truly failed to gauge and utilize one of the sharpest political brains in the country. And Himanta is nobody’s fool that he would remain a loyalist to people who do not deserve such loyalty. Himanta is someone who knows his worth and is constantly self-inspired and committed to his chosen path – work for public good while wielding power within a system of governance that the country has adopted. He has grabbed the chances offered by the BJP and worked with sharpness and intelligence to deliver what has been expected of him. In this case, it is Tripura – a confirmed communist bastion in the country.

I recently had the occasion to meet a leader of the opposition socially and was introduced to him by a mutual friend who happens to be a Congress party worker. Talk obviously veered towards politics and the Congress’s misfortunes. And a loose-tongued me ventured to blame the dramatic change in the political climate of the northeast on Pidi’s biscuit blunder. The leader did not disagree!

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