Catching the Impulsive Spitter

Thursday, 04 March 2021



Catching the Impulsive Spitter

Swapnil Bharali | February 06, 2021 16:27 hrs

The question arising today is how do we control or totally curb the Guwahatian’s spitting habit. With due respect to all those who do not, you are far outnumbered. 

But perhaps together we can come up with some ideas that would eradicate this messy nuisance once and for all. A tall task but maybe adequate discussion may yet yield some desirable steps.

I tried a stunt with someone; I shamed him. It was an Uber driver with whom I was on a trip. From Uzanbazar to Maligaon, the fellow found five occasions to spit his oral s*** out of his window – the typical spitter who did it without a second thought on some pathological impulse rather than as a habit. 

Clearly, he is the quintessential spitter who dirties a freshly painted divider without a second thought; one of those Guwahatians who cared two hoots about civic sense. Irritated that I was increasingly becoming, I found myself giving him a fair piece of my mind at the end of the trip mouthing words I had never thought I had in my vocabulary. He seemed profusely apologetic and even scared when I told him that I could get him penalised by the government. But I also noticed that his eyes betrayed a total lack of genuine concern over the mistake he had done. I left him wondering whether all that breath wasted on him would at all have its desired effect that he would stop orally defecating henceforth. I have my doubts.

Spitting by most Guwahatian spitters seems to be an impulsive act – something that is not given any thought. If one is observant enough, one can see spitters everywhere. 

There does not have to be any tamul-paan or gutka in the mouth for one to spit, it seems. A casual walker on the street spits without any compunctions. 

This being the case, there is only one way out and only the administration can step up to it. Heavy penalty! If Guwahatians had made a habit of buckling up in their cars within two days of penalty imposition, there is no reason why we cannot stop our impulsive spitters. Two days of an intense drive and penalisation thereof should do the trick. Now how to catch the spitters is what needs to be devised because it is a quick action crime. Perhaps witnesses have to play a big part. 

The administration needs to give this a serious thought and devise a concrete action plan.

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