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Tuesday, 26 January 2021



Papri ka Chaat

In the World Wide Web your post of something which may be controversial (to some or many) can easily come back to haunt you. I call it digital karma.

Chetan Bhattarai | February 23, 2019 11:27 hrs

Guwahati beautification drive leaves commuters fuming

With due respect, the city beautification drive is most welcome. But, there are some issues that we should clear before we delve into the topic.

Chetan Bhattarai | December 01, 2018 16:54 hrs


Stricter laws could have prevented the North Guwahati boat tragedy

The September 5 boat tragedy on the banks of North Guwahati was an eye-opener on what the state of our inland water transport was in the city. The accident threw light on the plight of the common Guwahatian travelling in a rickety vessel, putting his life at risk all the time.

Chetan Bhattarai | September 12, 2018 14:33 hrs