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COVID-19 and Chinese Disposition

Swapnil Bharali | March 09, 2020 14:24 hrs

The concern of the week has of course been the Coronavirus – technically called the COVID-19. With Assam still declared safe from its onslaught but awareness about it catching on well among the masses, it is only prudent that the safe practices that have been well publicized over the media be followed to the hilt. The mantra is of course maintaining hygiene through good hand-washing practices and that shouldn’t be too much of a chore for anyone.

The annoying part of this threat is that it has the potential to turn pandemic and trigger panic in the whole world thereby derailing the world’s economy. In the worst case scenario, it has the potential to hit each and every industry thereby bringing the hugely bloated human ego to its knees. 

Well, when it comes to ego, its Chinese variant has indeed taken a beating to the point of becoming indignant enough to blast Fox News host Jesse Watters of being “arrogant,” “prejudiced” and “ignorant” because he had half-jokingly demanded an apology from Beijing over the Coronavirus outbreak. Apparently, Watters said that it didn’t matter if the apology came from Chinese President Xi or the embassy. The Chinese foreign ministry went on to label his remarks as “ridiculous” and “laughable.”

I wouldn’t know the circumstances in which Watters was being arrogant and prejudiced; perhaps he was. But I am highly sympathetic of him being ignorant of Chinese matters because along with him the rest of the world also is actually. For long, we in Assam have grappled with our rivers swelling because some obscure Chinese dam had burst open (even satellite imagery cannot throw light on the truth of such matters). The Doklam tussle and what triggered it from the Chinese side also remains an enigma. Moreover, we keep hearing about the Chinese issuing stapled visas to people of Arunachal Pradesh, remain fuzzy about landslides occurring in the upper reaches of the Tsangpo and roads being constructed along the Indo-Chinese border. In all such cases, the Chinese never issue clarifications and keep the world guessing about its motives. 

China is now faced with a serious issue emanating from its soil and it needs the world’s help and sympathy. Being indignant and accusing the world of being ignorant of its problems is what is ridiculous and laughable and the Chinese would do well to be more forthcoming in its disposition.

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