Crazy 2020, Hope Filled 2021

Friday, 22 January 2021



Crazy 2020, Hope Filled 2021

Swapnil Bharali | January 01, 2021 13:11 hrs

2020 has indeed been the craziest year in my 50 years of existence on earth and I am inclined to believe just about everybody would agree with me on this.  

What started out as a reverberating replay of the Assam Agitation days which compelled us newsmen to make a mad scramble for the latest chilling pieces of news and be witness to a great social manifestation of regionalist patriotism, went on to become a year packed with the element of unknown – a prolonged account of reporting on the antics of an enemy that remained unseen, deadly and genocidal. 

It continues to be so despite things returning to normalcy somewhat. Yet, through those trying times of the prolonged lockdown, news reporting had become the biggest challenge and we at G Plus found ourselves committed as the frontline warriors against the dreaded enemy called Coronavirus – a rather alluring name I thought for something so deadly. 

The challenge through the lockdown period was to use our press cards smartly and carefully and to get the most relevant news from the containment zones and the hospitals without falling prey to the disease, to ask the tough questions politely so as not to ruffle the already frazzled tempers of other frontline workers who were doing a great job. Our readers and followers depended on us to report on food supplies, markets, meat and fish availability and the government machinery kept goading us into believing that all was well and the food distribution channels would soon fall into the right track. Videos had to be made because people wanted visuals, not words. They wanted to see, not read. 

Tough and strange days when even one new positive case in the city made headlines and then even worse days when the positive cases in Kamrup Metro ranged between 500 and 1,000 on a daily basis. Phew! What a crazy year 2020 was!
Well, the year has ended bringing some happier tidings where we want to believe that the government has done and continues to do a great job in controlling Covid and there are the modest numbers to back up this feeling. 

In the process, great medical infrastructure has been created permanently. The city has witnessed infrastructural development; the flyovers are nearing completion, North Guwahati is ropeway connected. Plus the winter has that mellow sun. 

All in all, it is time to be positive and leave behind the negatives of 2020. Happy 2021!

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