Crime Riddled Guwahati

Monday, 18 January 2021



Crime Riddled Guwahati

Swapnil Bharali | December 05, 2020 21:57 hrs

Guwahati is clearly not safe from petty crimes. Period. G Plus, this week, has reported at least two incidents of burglary that were clearly planned missions done by professionals; the operations were so neat!  

One was an act of burglary done in an empty flat at a prominent residential locality from which valuables worth Rs. 25 lakhs were taken away while the residents were away in their native village. The other was even more daring as one member of a group of four bike-borne youths coolly walked into a prominent club of the city even as the others kept the security personnel engaged. 

The youth broke the back window of a car parked within the premises and decamped with a bag containing a large amount of cash. The entire incident was captured on the club’s CCTV and while the footage showed the thief’s face clearly, that the car was followed up to the club was also apparent.

The worrying part comes now. The police came into the scene in both instances and they seemed to be at their wits’ end in either identifying the gangs or having any inkling of them. The professionalism with which the stealing was done was clearly the work of veteran thieves who have plenty of experience in conducting the required recces and thereafter planning and carrying out these abominable activities. And yet, the police remain totally clueless about their identity or whereabouts and this is not a nice feeling. There is simply no point talking about having confidence in our police force.

And so, precautions are the order of the day and as the saying goes, “No point crying over spilt milk.” 

Guwahatians need to take adequate precautions for their own safety and this is where technology and manpower can make a judicious combination. All residential blocks need to have CCTV surveillance besides trained watchmen if not proper security personnel. Yes, there is a difference the two. The prerequisite is individual alertness to any averse situation or person present or visiting the premises. It needs to become a social commitment of 

Guwahatians to keep themselves and their personal belongings safe from prying eyes and potential usurpers. 

As for the police, the commissionerate needs to ramp up its intelligence gathering. Without a doubt, these professionals have criminal records and previous brushes with the police. They are surely history-sheeters and the police needs to keep a tab on their movements and activities.

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  • Rakesh kumar up jaunpur

    Rakesh kumar up jaunpur