Dirty Politics Ruining the Country


Dirty Politics Ruining the Country

Sidharth Bedi Varma | December 07, 2019 12:17 hrs

Onion is selling for Rs 140 to Rs 150 per kilo and the prices of petrol, diesel and other impactful products are gradually increasing in India. Unemployment still remains a major issue which is deterring development in the country and similarly there are many more such issues which require serious discussion. 

But our elected policymakers are busy with their own development through their politics. The state and central governments have vowed to bring in the non-Indian Hindus from Bangladesh and other countries by amending the Citizenship Amendment Act, snubbing the protests going on across northeast.  How this will develop the country is known only to the politicos. 

Recently we witnessed a political drama in Maharashtra, where political parties misused the chair of the Governor and even the President of the country for their personal gains. Other political parties were seen compromising their long claimed ideologies for capturing the chief ministerial post. Even in Assam, development is hardly seen as some of the government departments have continuously failed to provide utilization certificates of funds given to them for development. Rather, the state politicos are busy wooing sections of the society who can back them on the move of allowing non-Indian Hindus and other non-Indian minorities to enter the state comfortably.  

One of the regional parties which is in power now for claiming to be anti-Bangladeshi is also gradually backing the saffron brigade to allow the non-Indians specially from Bangladesh to enter the state. Crores spent on another citizenship identification solution process named NRC which was monitored by the highest court of the country is in limbo because the elected leaders are not happy with the published list. They again want to spend some more so that their self-intended result is achieved. Therefore, all we can see in the country is dirty politics which is ruining the development process.

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