Do We Really Have the Luxury of Being Apolitical?

Wednesday, 20 January 2021



Do We Really Have the Luxury of Being Apolitical?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | December 21, 2019 14:37 hrs

In a country that is not safe for its own people, the government wants to welcome foreigners. The BJP government was brought to power with a thumping majority because people wanted an empowered government, one that didn’t struggle to take decisions; other parties would just let it ‘hang.’ 

However, the BJP government has ensured that this is the last time that they or any party comes to power with such a majority. As for the internet blackout, the brazen abuse of power to suppress the voices of lakhs in Assam alone and then doing the same elsewhere in India is simply, despotic.

Assam’s fight is not for anything but the preservation of its cultural identity. The people of Assam have already accepted lakhs of immigrants with the Assam Accord and governments thereafter have let immigrants from neighbouring countries come in unabated, given them documents, facilities and subsidies such that they have eaten into the indigenous people’s lands, resources, subsidies, jobs etc. Moreover, the government also successfully trampled the Assam Accord and executed the massively unpopular and ‘unsuccessful’ NRC exercise. 

Amidst the complications of the Citizenship Act and NRC we do not have the luxury of being apolitical. Being apolitical in trying times like these proves that your education has been a waste. Several people have chosen to stay silent because the ones who raised their voices were silenced. All the more reason to be vocal!

Let’s recap the year for India: unemployment rate is at 8.5%, GDP at 4.5%, farmer suicides - over 30 a day, world inequality rank - 147th, 95th in gender inequality, global peace index rank at 141 of 163, press freedom rank at 140th out of 180 and human development index rank at 129th of 189. With such figures, should we really be apolitical? Should we not be more informed about the people we choose to lead us? 

Let’s just pack a bag a head to Bhutan, atleast we’ll all be happy. Now imagine the day that countries like Bhutan start an NRC or a CAA exercise, and you’re not welcome there.

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