Do You Really Care About Being a COVID Victim?

Tuesday, 26 January 2021



Do You Really Care About Being a COVID Victim?

Sidharth Bedi Varma | July 11, 2020 15:04 hrs

As Guwahati sees a rise in COVID positive cases, there is a growing sense of uneasiness among people and the status of the lockdown thereafter.

Having lived on a short supply of goods and groceries, people are now starting to get vocal about possible mismanagement of the crisis and the need for extended lockdowns. There are allegations about the mismanagement of funds, testing figures and the inefficiency of quarantine centres. But people also need to understand that this is an unprecedented situation and a lot of the decisions could be perceived as ‘knee-jerk.’ With the climbing curve of COVID figures, there is also a learning curve in how we’ll deal with this disease in the days to come. Yes, it is going to be a difficult road ahead.

The problem is not just mismanagement by the government or administration. The public at large has failed in following the sanitization and social distancing guidelines. As I drove through Fatasil Ambari last week, the area looked like it was a regular Sunday evening with a just few people staying indoors; a lot of them were outside. Young men in groups sauntering around exchanging guthkas and high-fives, it looked like the social distancing protocols weren’t meant for them. This begs the question: are people no longer worried about the implications or have they just given up?

The ones following the protocols are most likely to get frustrated and lash out at the government citing ‘mismanagement’. To them I would say that it looks like a classic case of one dead fish rotting the pond.

Before accusing the government of mismanagement, there is a lot to introspect in our own actions. The apathy to the pandemic is spiralling so out of control that the entire COVID-19 is being linked to an Illuminati propaganda. Could it be? 

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