Enabling Digital Payments At DC Court

Monday, 18 January 2021



Enabling Digital Payments At DC Court

Swapnil Bharali | September 14, 2019 15:26 hrs

My last editorial was about a surprisingly pleasant experience in getting work done swiftly at the District Transport Office which, very truthfully, I had not expected. My initial negative assumptions were justified because visiting government offices for work has traditionally never been great experiences for anyone. The DTO had proven me wrong though.

The same however, cannot be said of too many other government offices and these include the sub-registrar’s office located on the first floor of DC Court. This is the office where all kinds of government registrations are done: land sale, building sale, sale of flats and their registration thereof, registration of marriages et al. The room (which is basically a small hall) is too small for the large number of people who are forced to visit it and the crowd makes it a stiflingly congested space. 

Well, can’t help matters there but an important change might just make matters a tad better – especially in these days of Digital India – an agendum that the governments both at the Centre and the state are trying push in no uncertain terms. The registration of a flat involves two payments that need to be made to the government in terms of taxes. One is called the stamp duty that normally comes to around 5% of the cost of the flat and which is paid to the central government. 

This money that often runs into lakhs of rupees can mercifully be paid digitally and nowadays involves no cash. The other payment is called registration fees, comes to around 2% of the cost of the flat and is paid to the state government. Now this is where the problem comes in as this money can be paid only in cash or by a bank demand draft. No facilities to swipe a card leave aside any other form of digital payment! Get the cash (which can also run into lakhs of rupees depending on the cost of the flat) and your work gets done on the same day. The demand draft needs to go through clearance first and so the same work would take three days.

It is needless to say that carrying around a large bundle of cash is fraught with danger in Guwahati nowadays and clearly the government needs to take steps towards rectifying this flaw at the DC Court without delay.

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