Fashion | How To Style The 90's Trends? 

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Fashion | How To Style The 90's Trends? 

Priyanka Devi Joishi | June 06, 2018 17:58 hrs

2018 has brought the 90s trends back on the rack. All the looks with denim shirts and jackets, the big glasses and the micro sunnies, the maxi dresses, the crop top etc (list goes on) has given a dramatic change in fashion trends this year. It's like I am in the rock and roll century again. I have fallen in love with vintage, back in college when I started discovering the history of the fashion in my designing college. I started picking up some of the old pieces from my mom's wardrobe and started experimenting different styles with them. If you ever read my blog, you will come to know how I style them up. So here is some of my version of styling 90s trends. 

1. The Double Denim look
Wear denim jeans with a denim jacket on top. Inside you can wear a basic T-shirt (plain white looks the best)  or a tank top. It's sexy and sassy at the same time. 


2.  The Bombers Jacket With Kurta
 It's been long we have been wearing kurta in the same old ways. Let's try it other different ways. Wear a bomber jacket on top of your Kurta. You can add on a belt to highlight the waist. Add silver jewelry, it takes it to the next level. It gives you that quirky look. 


3.  The Mustard Maxi Dress
This maxi dress is from global desi. It just needed a good pair of shoes and a leather fringes sling bag. It's like the girl is out there to soak up the sun. 


4.  The colored leggings 
Gucci is bringing back the trend of colored leggings. Wear it with your pencil skirt. Make sure if your skirt is brighter than the leggings should be subtle and vice versa. 


(Priyanka is a plus size fashion blogger and freelances in design and styling)

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